Fish crumb fry.

This is the fish fry I use for my fish and chips recipe. I skipped the chips this time.


1) 1/2 kg skinless boneless fish fillet

2) 2tbsp cornflour

3) 2tbdp plain flour

4) 1 egg

5) 1tsp milk or cream

6) 1 cup bread crumbs

7) 1tsp dry mixed herbs

8) oil for deep frying


1) Cut and clean the fish fillet

2) whip the egg and milk/ cream with a pinch of salt.

3) mix the cornflour and plain flour

4) mix the bread crumbs and dry mixed herbs

5) Heat oil in a pan, when the oil is hot, take a piece of fish, dust with the mixed dry flour, dip in egg, roll in the bread crumbs and deep fry.

Do not over fry, fish cooks very fast.

Enjoy with chips or just a yummy dip!

Pesto Paratha

Pesto Paratha Inspired by my recent visit to Prithvi cafe at Mumbai. Ingredients: 2 cups wheat flour 1/2 TSP salt Water to mix the dough 1tsp oil For the filling: 5 medium size potatoes boiled 3 -4 tbsp pesto sauce Salt to taste if required Method: Mix the flour, salt, water and oil and make the dough, cover and leave aside. Mash the boiled potatoes with pesto sauce and salt if required. Make into tennis size balls. Divide the dough into tennis ball size portions. Take one portion of the dough roll into small Puri size portion, apply olive oil and place one portion of the potato on the Puri and close it. Roll the stuffed paratha with a rolling pin or hands (I rolled the paratha with my hands) Place the paratha on a hot pan and fry till cooked. You may apply olive oil or butter on the paratha. Serve with cheese dip and salsa.

Steamed Fish coated in Rice.

Steam fish coated in Rice. Ingredients: 1) 250 gms of boneless fish cubes 2) 1-2 TSP chilli powder 3) 1tsp turmeric powder 4) salt to taste 5) pinch of garam masala 6) 1tsp oil 7) 1/2 TSP lemon juice or vinegar 8) 1/4 cup basmati rice soaked in water for minimum 1/2 hour. Method: 1)) Drain rice from water and keep aside. 2) Apply all masala, salt, vinegar/ lime juice and oil to the fish cubes. Let it marinate for 10-15mins. 3) Coat the marinated fish cubes with the rice and steam. I used a bamboo steamer with banana leaf in the base for more flavour. You may use a regular steamer. You can serve this a appetizer or snack.

Baked prawns with cheese and herbs.

Baked prawns with cheese and fresh herbs.


1) Fresh medium size prawns. I use Tiger prawns and white sea prawns.

2) mozzarella cheese

3) Fresh rosemary

4) Fresh parsley

5) Butter to grease the baking tray


1) Wash the prawns. With the help of a scissors or sharp knife split open the prawn vertically from top and split it flat open. Do not remove the skin.

2) Crumble the cheese, chop the herbs and mix them together.

3) preheat the oven, place the cheese and herb mixture in between the split prawn.

4) Grease the baking tray with butter and place the prawn on the baking tray.

5) Bake the prawn at 180 degrees for 10mins.

Serve hot.

Madlouaha, A Lebanese Dessert.

Madlouaha, A Lebanese Dessert made in my kitchen in India.

When I think of a Lebanese lunch my mind also goes to think if I could make a dessert from the same cuisine.

That’s when I came across this easy to make dessert from that part of the world.

Madlouaha is a simple recipe with basic ingredients, most of them available in our kitchen.


1) 2 Cups milk
2) 1/4 Cup shredded coconut
3) 1/3 cup Rava/Semolina
4) 2 tsp sugar
5) 200gms whipped cream/ fresh cream
6) Sugar syrup (made with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar, boiled for 5mins, for flavour add rose water or any extract or essence, I used strawberry extract)
7) Nuts for garnish, usually pistachios are used (You may use your choice of nuts too)


1) Mix the milk, rava/semolina, sugar, shredded coconut in a pan and bring it to boil. Stir constantly till the mixture thickens (around 5-10 mins)

2) Grease a bowl with oil and pour the mixture in the bowl. Cool and refrigerate for 2hours.

3) Whip the cream. The mixture that is cooling in the refrigerator would have taken shape and set, this can now be transferred to a serving plate.

4) Apply the fresh/whipped cream on the pudding, garnish with nuts/pistachio and drizzle the sugar syrup before you serve.

It is a very delicate flavoured dessert.

Lowell’s at pike market place, Seattle


Lowell’s at pike market place, Seattle.
Long pending post which I thought I should write. Since the pike market was my dream destination  after I read the book “FISH” by Stephen C Lundin.
Pike market place was just as I imagined it to be. Lots of colour, noise aroma and life!
Lowell’s is inside the market and it is buzzing with people walking in and out through the day.

The Creamy clam chowder was something that I loved and off course was the best, it was served in soft from inside and crispy from our side sour dough bun.

The mixed seafood louie truly showcased the freshness of the seafood and blended well with the subtle favours.

House cured wild king salmon lox was the king of the menu. I enjoyed every bite of the fish. And also went the next day again for lunch for a repeat menu. such was my indulgence.

Grilled vegetable panzanella, though a vegetarian dish, had some appetising flavours and I liked the taste.

In all it is a place that every seafood crazy tourist must visit. I would say a trip to Seattle is incomplete if you do not dine at Lowell’s.

 Lowell's Menu, Reviews, Photos, Location and Info - Zomato

Crab cake

This dish has been in my to do list for a while.


1) 400 gms fresh crab meat

2) 1tbsp finely chopped celery

3) salt to taste

4) 1/2 cup bread crumbs

5) mixed herbs

6) 1 egg

7) 1 tsp mayonnaise


Mix the fresh crab meat, chopped celery, salt, mixed herbs and bread crumbs.

Beat the egg and mayonnaise. Add to the crab meet.

In a pan take some oil and shallow fry the crab cake.

Note- you could add Corriander or chives instead of celery.