Korean and Japanese food in Chennai. New Seoul hotels, Chennai.

Korean and Japanese food, who said you cannot find it in Chennai.

Started our lunch with, beef bulgogi, it is a staple of Korean food.
Take a little bit of beef and put it on a lettuce with a garlic pod and spicy paste and then wrap it up and eat it in 1 bite. This was light yummy and healthy!

Hot pot chicken- dakgalbi sweet potatoes and chicken and onion chilli paste sauce and sugar syrup all on the fire and boiling hot!

Dolsot bibimbap – Carrots, zucchini,radish, spinach, egg and chicken, served with a pot miso soup that’s added just before eating! light and yummy!

Kochijang paste it’s a Korean chilli paste that one could add for extra flavour!

Jegu bokkun pork dish withKorean chilli paste, cabbage, onions and zucchini.

Ramen was subtle and full of flavour, always my favourite dish and I think they did a fairly good job in making that bowl.

A wonderful light meal with good company summed it up!

Culinary Tea at Above sea level, The Rain Tree hotel, Chennai


A whole menu from soup to dessert made using this humble yet the most amazing flavour!

If you are looking at experiencing what it is to use tea in your food, this is the place you need to head to Above Sea Level at The Raintree Hotel, Chennai till the 25th of November.

Deep blue sea soup made using mixed seafood broth, lemon grass and seaweed and offcourse tea had a very Asian flavour and had a very subtle tea flavour just when it slips down your mouth.

The appetizers:

Blue tea dahi kebab ( this was my favourite) with tea caviar does need a special mention the flavours were rich and just melted in the mouth.

The tea infused kodo Millet almond cake with ginger Power and colonge tea was a good addition with a nice crunch, it’s a little dry and is suppose to be like that according to the chef. It is more like the the almond tea cake.

Hibiscus tea crushed shrimp with tea Labneh and matcha foam was another favourite of mine with excellent blend and awesome subtle flavour.

Pepper mint tea smoked Gilawat kebab is a meat kebab. The fresh flavour of smoked meat made the dish flavourful and the way it was presented, was a total show stopper!

Main course:

Black tea sousvide chicken with portabella mushroom, blue tea ricotta and spicy mushroom sauce makes the dish flavourful. This is served on a bed of risotto and complements the flavour.

Pumpkin and ricotta in red tea ravioli with roasted ramesco sauce and cashew nut. This was my personal favourite as far as the main course was concerned. The humble pumpkin flavour was rich.

The ending was sweet and a fun combination!

Peach and passion fruit tea sorbet was subtle yet full of flavour.

The matcha tea cheese cake bar was made like a creme brulee with flavour of matcha tea.

For friends who have not visited above sea level, the view is amazing the service is excellent.