The Joy of Bengali Home cooked food in Chennai!

The sunday Bengali lunch

The big bong lunch ❤️
Sundays are special but this one was super special.
It was my birthday weekend and we were invited to dine with  Joy and family.

Joyadrita (Joy) is a home chef who cooks up authentic Bengali food with recipes from her mom and grandma. Chennai is indeed lucky to have someone like her in the city. Joy has done couple of pop ups and food festivals in Chennai as well as mumbai.

Joy and me

How can we start a Lunch without the spirit? Joy’s husband Ragav makes excellent mojito I was told and mojito it was, must say the best that I have had so far!

Mojito by Ragav

The lunch was an elaborate affair. Started with the Bengali chicken cutlet, my eyes opened wider as I saw the cutlet puff up like a Puri when fried.

Bhetki Jhaal diye/Sea bass in mustard gravy, being a fish lover was my favourite. The fish was super fresh and the preparation was subtle yet so yummy!

Bhetki Jhaal diye/Sea bass in mustard gravy

Chingri Bati Chorchori/Freshwater shrimps in a spicy mishmash. The prawns were soft and sweet and the masala was perfect!

Chingri Bati Chorchori/Freshwater shrimps in a spicy mishmash

Robibarer Laal Manghsher Jhol/Sunday Mutton Curry. With my boys who love mutton this sure was a perfect sunday treat. Bongs make the best mutton I say, the flavour of the musturd oil compliments the flavour of the meat.

Off course we had to have some vegetables too. Phoolkopir Rosha/Cauliflower florets in a silken, flavorful gravy.

Phoolkopir Rosha/Cauliflower florets in a silken, flavorful gravy

Sobji diye ghee bhaat/Bengali Style ghee rice with seasonal vegetables. The flavour of the ghee was intense and perfect combo for the mutton curry!

Sobji diye ghee bhaat/Bengali Style ghee rice

The sweet chutney was more like a dessert, seasoned with the onion seeds the flavour was tangy yet sweet. Traditional this chutney is relished with papad and we had it the traditional way. This reminded me of how few people in the south have a combo of payasam and papadam. After all we Indians have so much similarity in our food habits irrespective of which part of India we belong too!

Sweet Tomato chutney

Lucky to have had this meal during the season of nolen Gur. Nolen Gur is date jaggery that is available in Bengal only during winter and is the best jaggery with loads of health benefits. We got to gorge on the nolen Gur rosgulla!

Nolen Gur rosgulla

And the story does not end there, we Love people who love our food and we want to give them more food. That’s exactly what happened to us. We had some take aways too. Must confess the most environment friendly packing, every small detail was taken into consideration when Joy thought of starting her home cooked food service. Her husband has been a pillar of support with fabulous packaging ideas.

Food packed in earthenware coverd with banana leaf!

I really think that we are so blessed to have home chefs like Joy who spread happiness and joy through food!

The families

A point to note, most of the Home chef’s are passionate about what they do, they don’t do it only for the monetary benefits. The ingredients that most of them use are from their home kitchen and are always hand picked with care and yes hence they do work a bit expensive. But the Joy that you get from the food that comes out of their kitchen is soul satisfying. Show them love and affection ❤️

The meal on our platter!

For authentic Bengali Home cooked food in Chennai reach out to Joy on +91 84520 98701 Instagram handle

Traditional South Indian non vegetarian food in Coimbatore at Hotel Kannappa.

Hotel kannappa is a one of those restaurants that believes in traditional style of cooking that is very rarely found in today’s fast food world. Their spices and masala’s are all made inhouse in Trichy where the brand was born.
The recipes are brought down from the grand mother’s and mothers and most of the dishes are slow cooked on woodfire. There is definitely no short cuts to a good meal.
This fish, chicken and Mutton are sourced fresh everyday. The highlight of the meal is the finale the elaneer/ tender coconut payasam.
Coimbatore has two outlets ( mind you all their outlets are owner run) one near the airport and another at ganapathy.

We started our lunch with the traditional soup Chettinadu Nattukoli Rasam
Chettinadu Aatu Eraichi Saru.

Chettinadu Nattukoli Rasam
Chettinadu Aatu Eraichi Saru

Spl Kannappa chicken
Chettinadu Pepper Chicken
Mutton Sukka
Mutton Nalli Sukka
Mutton Kola urundai
Yeral Milagu piratal
Vanjaram Tawa Fish
Butterfly prawns
South Indian Fish Fingers
The starters were a riot of flavours with everything fresh from the mutton to thr chicken to the fish and prawn. Each dish had unique flavours and spices.

Starters spread on a banana leaf
Fish fry and kola urandai
Fish fingers and Mutton nalli sukka
The starters platter

The best main course and the most favourite dish in South India. Mutton biriyani!

Mutton biryani ❤️

The finale was ultimate with the elaneer payasam!

Elaneer payasam!

Hotel kannappa is based at ganapathy in Coimbatore. All their hotels are owner run. They are a 20 years old brand that started in Trichy in the year 2000. With 5 restaurants in Trichy one in tanjavur and 2 in Coimbatore they are bringing back traditional food to people in South India.

The girl gang with the kannappa team