Exotic Asian vegetarian food in Chennai at Eastern Wedge!

Vegetarians in Chennai have the most exotic Asian food choices now at Eastern Wedge. With Japanese, thai, Malay and Chinese food being made in an all vegetarian kitchen.

I for sure did not miss my non vegetarian food for once. They have tried to have the flavours of the dish intact just replacing vegetarian by non vegetarian.

This also is more of a clean eating restaurant. Japanese food is known to be less spices and more original flavour of the vegetables or proteins.

We started our evening with the different mocktails that are the speciality of the place.

Nutty Milo was nothing that I have tasted anywhere. The peanut butter added to the Milo is totally a different flavour.

Fresh lemongrass cooler was my favourite. Loved every sip of it.

The Mandarin and basil spritzer was another favourite of mine too.

The starters were offcourse totally different from what I have ever had in India.

Kushi Age also known as Kushikatsu, is a Japanese dish of deep-fried skewered vegetables. In Japanese, kushi refers to the skewers used while katsu means a deep-fry.

kushiyaki is grilled vegetables on a skewer. Served with served with kushiyaki sauce, miso mayo and wasabi Mayo.

The house special kushiyaki bell pepper with sweet corn tongarashi mayo and kushiyaki sauce.

The vegetarian tempura was perfectly fried with in-house tempura batter.

The spinach dimsum definately needs a special mention. It was stuffed with spinach, veg protein and Carrots.

The glutinous rice siem mai is a dimsum with rice, first time for me and I liked it.

The BBQ bun was stuffed with veg protein, shitake mushrooms, green peas and home made BBQ sauce.

Glutanios rice in lotus leaf had a awesome smoky flavour.

Pandan Paneer boy oh boy is was just out of the world. I loved the mild flavour of pandan leaf blending into the soft flavoured paneer.

The Szechwan shitake was spicy and hit the right taste buds.

Honey chilly lotus stem is my all time favourite with crunch and sweetness.

The highlight of the dinner was definitely the chanko nabe with udon noodles and assorted vegetables. They have choices of broth, we opted for miso chanko nabe. And I must say our choice of Miso was totally yummy! I loved the hot pot experience.

For vegetarian who would want to experience how a fish would taste, you have to try the Eastern Wedge eggplant.

Chilly paneer soft and had subtle flavoured gravy.

The ginger capsicum noodles had a very fresh flavour of ginger.

The end is always sweet when the dinner is more than satisfying.

The sesame balls stuffed with red bean and complimented with vanilla ice cream from writers cafe was totally a huge hit.

Sea salt caramel banana toffee was my favourite too.

Praline noisette delice was a beauty with taste.

The Chefs came from Japan specially to train the staff at Eastern Wedge and expat chefs are still working to give us the best food experience right here in Chennai.

Vegetarian you are lucky to experience such food in Nama Chennai!

Macchhi at Mangalore (Attavar and Deralakatte)

Macchhi is a seafood restaurant that serves some great authentic mangalorean food.

I got to visit this place is a hurry, but glad I could.

At 12.30pm just before my return journey to Chennai, decided to indulge ourselves to the best of mangalorean food. And I must stress on the BEST cause the food is awesome and very homely.

The meal was piping hot and fresh. The fish curry was perfectly flavoured with fresh fish dancing in it.

The Anjal /surmai /king fish tawa fry was the hero of the menu. First the fish is extremely fresh and tasty, the masala was a perfect blend and it was cooked to perfection. It sure is the winner.

The prawn biryani had the right spices and blend. Again the prawn was fresh and the rice and spices blended perfectly.

The unique dish in the meals was the kokum rasam. Kokum is a digestive and the kokum rasam was the perfect end to a meal.

At attavar the restaurant opens only for lunch. At Deralakatte it is open for lunch and dinner throughout week, except Sundays.

For dinner at Deralakatte they have some very special dishes like kolu Pindi ( small rice balls in clam gravy) neer dosa etc.

Dheeraj Udyawar the brain behind macchhi is working very hard to give us the best food in a clean ambience. I must mention the hygiene levels are very high and hope to see it continue that way.