Bad relationships can be mended with love! How I worked on my relationship!

So here goes my story about bad relationship and how I mended it today with love and patience!

I got this beautiful used iron dosa pan from my husband’s cousin a few years back (8yrs if I am not wrong) from Calicut.  I loved the taste and the texture of the dosa I made using this pan. It would give me trouble in between but I use to use all the techniques I knew and I borrowed from veterans and my dosa’s would come out well again!

More than a year ago, it gave me a similar problem. I did not have much time in hand during morning breakfast since I had to finish morning chores and rush to office. I replaced it with a non-stick and went on with life. It remained there untouched for more than a year.

Yesterday I felt like eating the restaurant type dosa and my mouth watered when I thought about hot crisp dosa. I immediately soaked udad dal and rice ( I have not been using rice all this while, since I use Millets) but lockdown made me go back to something I love. When I woke up in the morning I knew that only my iron dosa pan could give me that crisp texture that I was yearning for. It was time to pull it out and shower all the love and attention that I had not given it for a while now. Would it work? but i really wanted it to work!

I washed the pan, looked at it with love, placed it on the gas stove and spoke to it for a while. I said sorry, with all the hustle and bustle in my life I forgot to appreciate you, when you seeked attention by not giving me the dosa the way I wanted it, I just discarded you for something fancy, easy and not that great for me. But I really love you and you know that very well. I am definitely going to love you unconditionally now on, I am going to say I love you even before I use you, I will wash and handle you with Love and above all I am going to be patient with you and not discard you! Saying this loudly as I rolled the dosa on my favourite pan. Also sent a few positive prayers, drizzled some home made desi ghee and kept looking at it with love to rise and not stick.

And vola, my pan responded back with all and more love that I could expect. It just gave me those lovely crispy dosa with the most amazing flavour that I have been craving and dreaming about since yesterday! All the love and prayers I showered came right back to me in the form of this dosa!

Moral of the story in any relationship you have to give love, attention, patience, prayers, understanding and lot of time to each other, without which nothing works. Thanks to the lockdown, mended my relationship with my favourite Pan!