Demonetization and its Effect on Indian Citizens


It has been a drama in India since 9/November/2016. I know many of us are upset and lot many just trying to prove that this was the most obnoxious decision that any government could ever take. But my two bits (well I am not an expert, but with whatever I have known, seen and experienced) I would say certain decision taken in certain manner works best for our country and our people. Why???

Indians are different they think differently and act differently to situations (I am not saying if its good or bad, we are just different) reasons could be we were a backward country, than we became a developing country and today we are a developed country. But we still have people who have grown from having nothing to having many more or everything today. I, myself, an example of that life; I know hundreds of my friends and relatives who have lived such life. Many of us have traveled, seen the other side of the world, understood, but yet few are reluctant to change. Not complaining about people who have not seen the transition. A classic example is, when people return to India after a “foreign” trip, begin to litter, spit outside our airports. We burdened our conscience through the trip, now let loose. We have misconstrued democracyJ. That’s the way most of the Indians think and so we are different. Another classic example of how we react to situations what I have seen personally is during Tsunami and Recent flood relief situation. There is a stark difference between India and other developed countries, when it comes to delivering relief material and receiving, most recently what I saw in the TV during one of the massive earthquake situation in Japan, where how systematically it was done, even though people did not have drinking water, they stood in an organized queue waiting for their turn. When we went for relief work here, people pounced, grabbed, jumped, stole, and ransacked relief material and food. Ok, understood, they did not eat for many days and did not have clothes, bed sheets etc. But what do you call when people who had enough stock of all and yet hunting for more to stock, just because it was free and we were pained, when we saw people selling those on streets and in make-shift shops. We did not know how to react when people, irrespective of gender, collecting sanitary napkins from us, the stock vanished in seconds, it was getting exhausted like hot cakes; you mean to say, all women bleed everyday? Oh come on!!!!

Today’s latest experience, when the whole world was saying that people have no food to eat, all our government run bars/wine shop – Tasmac was over flowing with customers and I know for sure they do not accept cards, so where is the money for booze coming from? People do not have money for food mind you, but have money to buy booze. Point to ponder!!!

We Indians are still the most in-secured lot, we top the chart in emotions and doing so many things in the name of “sacrifice” for the children and relations. We are keen on saving for tomorrow and having enough till we die and beyond; we want to save for our children and grand children and forget to live our own lives. I know so many people who have never taken vacation all their life, because it costs money and that also means taking off from work, they would rather encash their leave.

The recent surgical strike is another example of how things need to be done in India. Most of us agree that the surgical strike was something Pakistan deserved and the way it was done was exemplary planning. There were many who said, that we should have known when this was planned and done. Really? Even if one whiff was out the whole plan would have been a flop and we could have never done the strike the way it was done.

On the day of 9th Nov, We had Rs.2000 with three five hundred rupee notes and rest in 100’s. Not sure if that was enough for cash management for four of us until we access ATM’s. Our milk and fish vendors were kind enough to accept Rs.500 notes, the rest we managed through plastic. In fact the parking lot ticketing guy let me go guilt-free, when I told him “Sorry, no change”.

My sincere urge to all my country Men and Women, please Try to be calm during such situation, where the government has taken charge. We need to change to see bigger picture. We have been struggling, complaining for ages, about black money, Swiss money, counterfeits, but we could not move an inch, despite knowing the damage incurred to our economy year after year, regime after regime and how the illegal channels fund terrorist to destabilize Indian peace and trade.

We all know Change is difficult, but change is the only constant and inevitable.

This shall pass too and we will truly have Ache din!!! Till then, please be patient and if you genuinely feel somebody badly needs some money and you have some to spare, please give them or buy them whatever they need using your card (if they do not have one and ensure you help them open a bank account, when the services of the bank get back to normal) Jai Hind and let us help our country change!!!