Bean to Bar chocolate with Indian flavours!

How about some pure chocolate with no compound and Indian flavours!Arun Vishwanath from Coimbatore has won the chocolate award 2018.We visited his cafe infusion at Coimbatore that had all these lovely flavours most of them indian.The chocolate brand is called Chitram and it’s named after his mother who was a integral part of his business till a year ago before she passed away.Arun is a young entrepreneur with so much zeal in him. He has graduated from Cornell University. But his roots, sense of taste and Flavours remains Indian.In a country were we have grown knowing only “Cadbury’s” as chocolate it’s a tough one to crack. It is more about creating awareness on what chocolate really means and when people say chocolate is good for health which chocolate do they really mean.Only when you really start understanding what real chocolate is and know the real flavour of pure chocolate will you start appreciating these chocolates.I was amazed to see so many flavours and the indian flavours stole my heart.My favorites were the moringa, beetroot halwa, rose saffron and mango lassi for sure.The other varieties that are available and a must try are the vegan Pina colada, molagapodi with coconut sugar and 70% dark chocolate what do you think,?At infusion that is the brand of the cafe which has these chocolates. You can sip the most awesome hot chocolate at infusion. I had the Mexican hot chocolate with cocoa nib cookies, one of the best I have had till date. Pure, hot and yummy!If you really love your family and friends you would only gift them pure happiness!Time of the year for giveaways!Both the brand’s Chitram and infusion are listed in Instagram and Facebook.You may contact me for more information.