Every Women’s Secret Dream ❤️

Gone are those days when they would say that every women’s Secret Dream was to find the best life partner! I understood this over the years, but sealed it on women’s day this year 2023.

When I started by day at 4am to meet around 60 odd beautiful women at 5am on 8th March 2023 little did I know that I am going to seal my thoughts about a few things that has been running in my mind for so many years now. Like I always realised that everyday is a new day and every day we learn something new, that too from people whom you have least expected to learn.

A slum behind the most prestigious university of Chennai, the Surya nagar slum. I have been associated with them since 2015 in various social activities from cyclone relief to children education thanks to my previous organisation that I got to closely work with them and continued my association even after I quit the organisation 3yrs ago. Our focus when I worked with them was always children and education. This time since I was doing something on my own along with a group of friends I thought of doing something for the women who always put their Children’s need before theirs.

When I started the discussion with them 3 weeks before the event, they all seemed to have time constraints, since most of them work as house helps, the only time they could spare was early morning and so be it, I didn’t blink an eyelid before I said yes to the wee hours. I was as excited as them to do something that could create value in their lives.

Contribution poured in from my lovely community group called ” Eat Pray and Love” as always they are my strength and motivation in whatever I plan to do. Since Surya nagar is located on the banks of the river the place has its own charm, we decided to put up a beautiful tent with flowers to add colour to the location.

The day started with the beautiful view of moon setting and enthusiastic women who were dressed in their best outfits at 5.30am, when I saw this I knew it is going to be a energy filled day.

Over the discussion about what each one of them wanted to be and learn it was an amazing revelation middle age women wanted to learn driving and wanted to work as driver’s, few wanted to learn stitching, baking, beautician course and most of them wanted to learn to speak English, now this I thought was so much of a confidence booster.

Finally it is not about what we told them or what knowledge we imparted to them, for us it was so much that we learnt from them too!

Happiness starts from”YOU” we were able to convey to these women that happiness of their family starts from they being happy and if they pursue what makes them happy they will be able to cascade that happiness to their family and they all agreed. We all spoke about how beautiful life is for everyone and we could live a happy life if we had gratitude in our hearts and pursue our dreams! Saying that we are now on a mission to help them fulfill their dreams! The morning that started at 5.30am concluded at 7.30am with a hearty breakfast, goodie bags, loads of love, happiness and gratitude in each one of our hearts 💖

What did Women’s day 2023 at DriveStream, India look like for me!

This one is for the men at DriveStream, Chennai, India.

“When you change your thoughts, remember to also change your world.”—Norman Vincent Peale. And that’s what the men at DriveStream  did for us women on this special day.

I don’t know where to start but let’s do it from when I entered the office the decor and vibe was splendid to know that you did it all by yourselves talked a million words.

The exchange of hampers was such a heartwarming experience specially for me, since I got to do it with my favorite Lakshmi who unconditionally takes care of our needs every single day. I made a new friend today, Guna who came across to me to hand over my hamper and I got to meet her for the first time and understood her hidden talent of how gracefully she can dance.

For the first time I got to witness so much talent all on one floor ( though it required a little persuasion and also meant me shaking my legs to ensure other girls felt comfortable to join the dance floor) but once the mood was set in there was not much to do but just sit back and enjoy rest of the afternoon with so much excitement and fun. I made so many new friends and was jumping with excitement like a teenager in college.

The cake was not only beautiful but was so tasty that I gobbled up a few pieces ( that’s very not me)  The lunch was more of a festivity and community dining it was. 

The highlight of the day that we spent was a beautiful comradeship that we all built around us by realising that each person is gifted with a skill that is unique and that appreciating each other and applauding another person’s talent is what talks about one’s kindness.

Be the woman who fixes another woman’s crown without telling the world that (it) is crooked. … Be kind! We never know the battle others are fighting. I hope that we can all find a way to lead with an open heart and assume positive intent.”

Thank you my dear men colleagues for creating an environment on this special day for us to cherish!




H1-B is the hottest topic in India. Why? Because India was the biggest consumer of H1-B every year. Every households dream come true. Every eligible bachelor’s high dowry instrument.

And suddenly India fears the worst. This big word H1-B is soon going to be extinct.

But does business really need to worry, does it mean anything positive for the Indian IT industry????

For a optimistic person like me, I would only look at it as an opportunity and not a threat. Why?

Because for a country like India that churns out the maximum number of IT professionals every year, we need more jobs. And yes, all those more jobs from USA will soon come to India. What if we cannot travel? we have the best network system and connectivity. We can work at easy from our country and yet deliver the best to our clients in the USA.

So Trump, we thank you from  the bottom of our heart for helping us create more jobs in India. We all know you love India and you will keep helping us with your so called weird policies.

Help Me Grow and I will Help You Breathe.

Help Me Grow and I will Help You Breathe.

Fever 91.9 FMs initiative -Tree of Joy. Gave me an opportunity to write the winning slogan for this initiative. This was an initiative to bring back Greenery to the city of chennai that was recently devastated by the merciless Cyclone Vardah.

My slogan was ” Help Me Grow and I will Help You Breathe”

I had this great opportunity to recieve the sapling from cricketer Murali Vijay and also had the privilege to plant this sapling at the park. Yay it’s my tree and will ensure that it grows well.  The feeling and experience was amazing.

Thank you fever FM for liking my slogan and also giving me this opportunity.

Keep greening and blooming!!!

Demonetization and its Effect on Indian Citizens


It has been a drama in India since 9/November/2016. I know many of us are upset and lot many just trying to prove that this was the most obnoxious decision that any government could ever take. But my two bits (well I am not an expert, but with whatever I have known, seen and experienced) I would say certain decision taken in certain manner works best for our country and our people. Why???

Indians are different they think differently and act differently to situations (I am not saying if its good or bad, we are just different) reasons could be we were a backward country, than we became a developing country and today we are a developed country. But we still have people who have grown from having nothing to having many more or everything today. I, myself, an example of that life; I know hundreds of my friends and relatives who have lived such life. Many of us have traveled, seen the other side of the world, understood, but yet few are reluctant to change. Not complaining about people who have not seen the transition. A classic example is, when people return to India after a “foreign” trip, begin to litter, spit outside our airports. We burdened our conscience through the trip, now let loose. We have misconstrued democracyJ. That’s the way most of the Indians think and so we are different. Another classic example of how we react to situations what I have seen personally is during Tsunami and Recent flood relief situation. There is a stark difference between India and other developed countries, when it comes to delivering relief material and receiving, most recently what I saw in the TV during one of the massive earthquake situation in Japan, where how systematically it was done, even though people did not have drinking water, they stood in an organized queue waiting for their turn. When we went for relief work here, people pounced, grabbed, jumped, stole, and ransacked relief material and food. Ok, understood, they did not eat for many days and did not have clothes, bed sheets etc. But what do you call when people who had enough stock of all and yet hunting for more to stock, just because it was free and we were pained, when we saw people selling those on streets and in make-shift shops. We did not know how to react when people, irrespective of gender, collecting sanitary napkins from us, the stock vanished in seconds, it was getting exhausted like hot cakes; you mean to say, all women bleed everyday? Oh come on!!!!

Today’s latest experience, when the whole world was saying that people have no food to eat, all our government run bars/wine shop – Tasmac was over flowing with customers and I know for sure they do not accept cards, so where is the money for booze coming from? People do not have money for food mind you, but have money to buy booze. Point to ponder!!!

We Indians are still the most in-secured lot, we top the chart in emotions and doing so many things in the name of “sacrifice” for the children and relations. We are keen on saving for tomorrow and having enough till we die and beyond; we want to save for our children and grand children and forget to live our own lives. I know so many people who have never taken vacation all their life, because it costs money and that also means taking off from work, they would rather encash their leave.

The recent surgical strike is another example of how things need to be done in India. Most of us agree that the surgical strike was something Pakistan deserved and the way it was done was exemplary planning. There were many who said, that we should have known when this was planned and done. Really? Even if one whiff was out the whole plan would have been a flop and we could have never done the strike the way it was done.

On the day of 9th Nov, We had Rs.2000 with three five hundred rupee notes and rest in 100’s. Not sure if that was enough for cash management for four of us until we access ATM’s. Our milk and fish vendors were kind enough to accept Rs.500 notes, the rest we managed through plastic. In fact the parking lot ticketing guy let me go guilt-free, when I told him “Sorry, no change”.

My sincere urge to all my country Men and Women, please Try to be calm during such situation, where the government has taken charge. We need to change to see bigger picture. We have been struggling, complaining for ages, about black money, Swiss money, counterfeits, but we could not move an inch, despite knowing the damage incurred to our economy year after year, regime after regime and how the illegal channels fund terrorist to destabilize Indian peace and trade.

We all know Change is difficult, but change is the only constant and inevitable.

This shall pass too and we will truly have Ache din!!! Till then, please be patient and if you genuinely feel somebody badly needs some money and you have some to spare, please give them or buy them whatever they need using your card (if they do not have one and ensure you help them open a bank account, when the services of the bank get back to normal) Jai Hind and let us help our country change!!!



Crack in the marriage who is to be blamed.

Bold thoughts – I have started to pen my thoughts. These thoughts are based on real life experience and thoughts that have been shared with me by many people and some my own.  I do not wish to hurt anybody with these thoughts and I am not going to argue with anyone about it. Others may think differently. I respect each persons view and no one is right or wrong, its only how we think differently.

So here we go…….

I have been thinking of sharing this for a long time. Guess Hrithik and Susanne ‘s split was something that forced me to pen my thoughts.

Firstly when I look at people who joke about the whole thing, I feel it’s really not nice. There are so many people, specially little children who have done nothing wrong who go through so much trauma.  Weather we are celebrity or normal human being the pain is the same for all.

What I have seen and heard why a marriage fails most of the time, is not because the Woman and Man do not get along, its because the family does not get along. Its nice to say that when we get married we do not get married to  a woman or a man, we get married to a family, in all good spirit I totally appreciate and understand it.

What typically happens in our society is the woman and man are very happy with each other and the family too (since they choose the bride or groom), even If not they accept the bride or groom, since their child is happy with that partner. But this love and affection last only for a few months or years. After sometime the negative side of the person is seen more than the positives. We all  have our  good and bad, but the bad is magnified, even if the spouse learns to adjust and compromise the family has a problem. He or she is constantly told how bad her or his partner is, this is what slowly and gradually leads to problems.

What is our duty as parent’s?. According to me , my son/daughter is born to me and he or she is a soul, an individual, I as a mother have to give her/ him good food, teach him good values, give him good education and make him a good human. Now because I have done all this to her/him, he does not owe me anything. After that he decides how he wants to live his life. I should have zero expectation from him. But in our society, it goes the other way. When parents give so much to the children, the children have to be grateful and indebted to the parents all their life and listen to whatever they say and here is where the problem starts.

I have seen so many marriages break, not because there was a problem between the husband and wife, but because all instruction about to how to handle or behave with your husband or wife came either from your mother, father, sister, brother, co-brother, co-sister, brother-in-law or sister-in-law There is total pressure from immediate family on how “you have changed after marriage” if A person is happy changing and being happy with her husband or wife, what bloody is your problem? Are you jealous that they are happy? I totally fail to understand this behaviour. Guess parents , sister or brothers, who find it difficult to part with their near one’s should not get them married and people who get them married should let them live the way they want to live. All of them who get married are grown up adults and know what to do with their life, they do not need your two bits.

I have heard comments  from family members like “ I do not like the way your hubby/wife behaves” to hell with you if you do not I say. I love my hubby or wife the way she/he is. But that does not happen, the wife or hubby, now starts thinking how can I make him/her more likeable by my family and so the whole drama of telling each other how to behave and what to say and what not to say starts? They both start to loose their individuality and start behaving like the people that they are not and how long can you pretend and behave something you are not. Slowly and steady the marriage starts seeing cracks, MIND YOU, not because of the two, but because of family pressure and that is such a sad sad thing. Than ego, advise, bad vibes, negativity it’s a mess and the two people who loved each other dearly and had not problems with each other start hating each other.

My two bit and this is how I look at things : Give your children, brother or sister unconditional love. But when they are ready to face the world with a new family leave them to their own. DO NOT be the REASON for breaking a lovely Nest of love. Forget God, you will NEVER be able to forgive yourself.

cartoon on marriage

How we treat our daughters and wife.

image dad and daughterBold thoughts – I have started to pen my thoughts. These thoughts are based on real life experience and thoughts that have been shared with me by many people and some my own.  I do not wish to hurt anybody with these thoughts and I am not going to argue with anyone about it. Others may think differently. I respect each persons view and no one is right or wrong, its only how we think differently.

So here we go…….

I know father’s love their daughters. I have seen father’s who do everything for their daughter’s, they would give their life for theirs daughters. They are most careful not to hurt their daughter’s. They take care of every little needs of their daughters. Finally when they have to get them married they are very careful and cautious about whom they would get married to! All this sounds so true and fantastic right? And we all agree to this!

But what happens to this Man who is such a loving father when he has to take care of a lady who also is/was a daughter of a father who loved her dearly. Why do fathers follow this double standards, do you think wives just break out of tree and fall on this earth and only your daughter is born with your flesh and blood? Fathers just think how you would feel if your daughter is treated the way you treat your wife, am sure your heart will bleed. So please treat your wife well, cause what goes around, come around and if you treat your wife badly, someone else will treat you daughter bad.

And if you have no daughter’s teach your son to respect every woman, since every woman has/had a father who loved her dearly.  Your son will treat his wife or girlfriend or any other women the way his dad treated his mother.

If you really love your children, show that to them by loving your wife. Children learn to love and respect looking at their parents.