How we treat our daughters and wife.

image dad and daughterBold thoughts – I have started to pen my thoughts. These thoughts are based on real life experience and thoughts that have been shared with me by many people and some my own.  I do not wish to hurt anybody with these thoughts and I am not going to argue with anyone about it. Others may think differently. I respect each persons view and no one is right or wrong, its only how we think differently.

So here we go…….

I know father’s love their daughters. I have seen father’s who do everything for their daughter’s, they would give their life for theirs daughters. They are most careful not to hurt their daughter’s. They take care of every little needs of their daughters. Finally when they have to get them married they are very careful and cautious about whom they would get married to! All this sounds so true and fantastic right? And we all agree to this!

But what happens to this Man who is such a loving father when he has to take care of a lady who also is/was a daughter of a father who loved her dearly. Why do fathers follow this double standards, do you think wives just break out of tree and fall on this earth and only your daughter is born with your flesh and blood? Fathers just think how you would feel if your daughter is treated the way you treat your wife, am sure your heart will bleed. So please treat your wife well, cause what goes around, come around and if you treat your wife badly, someone else will treat you daughter bad.

And if you have no daughter’s teach your son to respect every woman, since every woman has/had a father who loved her dearly.  Your son will treat his wife or girlfriend or any other women the way his dad treated his mother.

If you really love your children, show that to them by loving your wife. Children learn to love and respect looking at their parents.

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