Koox the Roof top restaurant with the best view, ambience, spirits and food in Chennai! The city has some ubercool places!

When we had to decide a place for my 2020 birthday. We were very sure we wanted a place that was new, stylish, with a good view, good food and good spirits!

The place we chose to go!

Koox is located at the roof top of Novotel at chamiers! The ambience is chic, the view is breath taking, the weather was perfect. We had an excellent briefing from the staff who were taking our order, so we knew actually what we were getting on our plate.

The splendid view!

We started our evening with Goth Elixer. It is a charcoal induced tequila drink, one of my favourite. Looked dashing and had the right kick!

Goth Elixer

Will god save the Queen was a very indian flavoured drink with rose petals and had a royal after taste.

Will god save the Queen

The starters that accompanied our spirits blew our mind. I must say the ingredients, the flavours and the styling was par excellence! Freshness of the ingredients actually was very evident in everything we had. The pondicherry rock and roll prawns was made to perfection and the prawns still had the sea smell now that is how a dish should taste!

Pondicherry rock and roll prawns!

Koox crunch is Sushi that had a melting inside and crunchy outside. With sushi it is very important to have the best of fresh ingredients. A good sushi is all about fresh ingredients and this one sure was.

Koox crunch

The sushi tori cheddar was another of my personal favourite!

Sushi tori cheddar!

Roasted eggplant is a dish that one would love even if you are not a eggplant fan. I had two people who do not touch eggplant fall in love with it.

Roasted eggplant !

After a starter break it was time to get high on our spirits again! What followed next were beauties! The bubble wap is such a beautiful delicate drink, the way it looked is the way it tasted!

Bubble wap!

White nature had a pure taste as per the name, looks and taste both stole my heart!

White Nature!

Donatello is for people who do not like their cocktail too sweet! The refreshing drink made us want for more.


With the yellow tail carpaccio we were back to some eating. The yellow tail fish is a soft silky fish that just melts in the mouth. This raw fish tasted nothing less than magic, it just melted in my mouth!

Yellow tail carpaccio!

The lamb chops were tender and cooked to perfection!

Grilled lamb chops!

The grilled prawns is a perfect starter for the mind-blowing cocktails!

Grilled jumbo prawns!

Tuna tataki is a simple japanese dish that combines delicate seared tuna in Citrus soya sauce! The marriage of subtle flavour took this dish to another level.

Tuna tataki!

Koox has all the ingredients for a great place for chennaites! The F and B manager Krish and the GM Supreet are on a mission and guess we have to keep our eyes and ears open to many exciting times ahead with them!