Namma Bengalooru’s Rajasthani Kachori, Samosa and Jalebi Bhai

ImageChetan Ram is the Man behind this small cart that serves mouth watering Kachori, Samosa and Jalebi every evening between 5pm-10pm. Chetan Ram cames to Bangalore 5yrs back from Jodhpur, where he lived and worked in a chat shop. This cart has been around since 2009. He makes around 100 kachori’s, 60 samosa’s and 5-6kgs of Jalebi’s everyday. Which is totally sold of in 4-5hrs.ImageFresh Kachori’s being  made in front of out eyes.ImageMy chashmish assitant reporter who helped me with this assignment.ImageSmall little clean kitchen.ImageChetan Ram’s Assistant.ImageChetan Ram busy at work.ImageThis is the super star dish that got me to write this blog. I have not had jalebi’s warm crispy and juicy like this one all my life.ImageThe fried green chillies that are served with the Kachori.ImageMe with the Master chef.ImageThe kachori’s before being fried.ImageImageJalebi’s being packed for us.ImagePeople waiting to ge their share of the yummy yummy bite.ImageI am happy to have discovered a place that serves clean and hygienic kachori, samosa and jalebi’s. Kachori’s and Samosa’s are priced at Rs.15 and Jalebi at Rs.80 per kg. Total value for money. Must visit place for people who live around that place and also for people who will visit Bangalore. The address to this place is :

Rajasthani Kachori samosa centre, gnanabharathi Main Road, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore – 5600072. Opp. Palate Family Restaurant.

Dinner at Cock Ra Co, Coimbatore, India.

Cock Ra co  a must visit place for any person who lives in coimbatore and who looks at visiting coimbatore. As referred by most of the cbeites and kovai foodies visited the place for dinner last night. They have started a new branch at tatabad. I loved the food, never knew that there is  a concept of plain biryani, my niece at cbe introduced me to it and its amazing, when you do not like the big chucks of meat in your biryani, you can enjoy biryani without the pieces and also pay less! so we had the plain mutton biryani. It comes with a gravy and raitha. The chicken 65 was something that jus melted in our mouth. Its been long since I had such food fresh n just made after it was ordered. Roomali roti with gravy amazing. Chicken lollipop unlike other place were its made of chicken wings this was made of nice fleshy leg pieces. Ambiance 9/10, hygiene 9/10.The rates are very moderate and pocket friendly. I will rate it at 4 1/2 out of 5.


Dinner at Movies, Hotel Springs, Nungambakkam on 30th May 2013

Movies at  The  Spring Hotel. I went to this place with zero expectation. I had never heard about this place before, when I planned to go there, I did not get great reviews about the place. I still wanted to go and check for myself. When I entered the restaurant ,I felt I entered a pub, the place has dim lights, I personally love bright light places. Since I reached a bit late I missed on the soup and salad and did not want to go back to having them since I already had a mini dinner somewhere else. I was told by my friends that chicken wings were brilliant and not to miss, so went ahead and order for one. They were right the chicken wings were indeed not to miss, well spiced and well cooked. I also got to have the Bhutteyan Kebab (made of corn and potatoes)  a very good starter for Vegetarians.

The salad dressing was cool, I loved the one which had sundried tomatoes with mayonnaise.  By now the main course had  started flowing, it started with the Zafarani Veg kofta, this had a subtle flavor and was nice and smooth right balance of richness, spice and tinge of sweet , my first main course was excellent and so now my expectation was going up . Next the Veg thai curry Phad Pack Tho had the very authentic Thai flavor, which is not found in many places in Chennai. The chicken Indian curry was not to my liking it was a tad sweet,the kalan Pattani chettinad  (Mushroom peas) was good, but if the garam masala was reduced a little it would have stolen the show. The Kongunattu Irichi was the show stealer, the gravy was nice and very south Indian and the meat was well cooked and soft.  Balti chicken (made of browned onions and tomato as the base) was excellent. The flavor was rich, guess that comes from the browned onion. Blacken Fish was liked by all, this is not a dish that  is commonly found in restaurants in Chennai . The fish was fresh, but a little hard, this would have tasted even better if it was  made with the day’s catch, the marinate was excellent. Next was the Hunan chicken, the chicken were as thin as a noddle, the gravy  was good, it went well with the fried rice.  The main dish that everybody was  early waiting to taste was the Mutton Biryani  and it did not let us down. Excellent Mutton Biryani, with tender meat and nicely spiced, the rice well cooked. We all loved and enjoyed it.

The Finale of the dinner was the dessert. There were quiet a few desserts but my favorites were the baked gulan jamun in Rabri, Roosapoo Gulkand (it’s a ayurvedic dessert with rose petals and pumpkin) and the Banoffee sundae.

I would rate it a good place and pocket friendly too.

Dinner at Movies on 30th May 2013 -pics