Namma Bengalooru’s Rajasthani Kachori, Samosa and Jalebi Bhai

ImageChetan Ram is the Man behind this small cart that serves mouth watering Kachori, Samosa and Jalebi every evening between 5pm-10pm. Chetan Ram cames to Bangalore 5yrs back from Jodhpur, where he lived and worked in a chat shop. This cart has been around since 2009. He makes around 100 kachori’s, 60 samosa’s and 5-6kgs of Jalebi’s everyday. Which is totally sold of in 4-5hrs.ImageFresh Kachori’s being  made in front of out eyes.ImageMy chashmish assitant reporter who helped me with this assignment.ImageSmall little clean kitchen.ImageChetan Ram’s Assistant.ImageChetan Ram busy at work.ImageThis is the super star dish that got me to write this blog. I have not had jalebi’s warm crispy and juicy like this one all my life.ImageThe fried green chillies that are served with the Kachori.ImageMe with the Master chef.ImageThe kachori’s before being fried.ImageImageJalebi’s being packed for us.ImagePeople waiting to ge their share of the yummy yummy bite.ImageI am happy to have discovered a place that serves clean and hygienic kachori, samosa and jalebi’s. Kachori’s and Samosa’s are priced at Rs.15 and Jalebi at Rs.80 per kg. Total value for money. Must visit place for people who live around that place and also for people who will visit Bangalore. The address to this place is :

Rajasthani Kachori samosa centre, gnanabharathi Main Road, Nagarbhavi, Bangalore – 5600072. Opp. Palate Family Restaurant.

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