Korean and Japanese food in Chennai. New Seoul hotels, Chennai.

Korean and Japanese food, who said you cannot find it in Chennai.

Started our lunch with, beef bulgogi, it is a staple of Korean food.
Take a little bit of beef and put it on a lettuce with a garlic pod and spicy paste and then wrap it up and eat it in 1 bite. This was light yummy and healthy!

Hot pot chicken- dakgalbi sweet potatoes and chicken and onion chilli paste sauce and sugar syrup all on the fire and boiling hot!

Dolsot bibimbap – Carrots, zucchini,radish, spinach, egg and chicken, served with a pot miso soup that’s added just before eating! light and yummy!

Kochijang paste it’s a Korean chilli paste that one could add for extra flavour!

Jegu bokkun pork dish withKorean chilli paste, cabbage, onions and zucchini.

Ramen was subtle and full of flavour, always my favourite dish and I think they did a fairly good job in making that bowl.

A wonderful light meal with good company summed it up!

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