Madlouaha, A Lebanese Dessert.

Madlouaha, A Lebanese Dessert made in my kitchen in India.

When I think of a Lebanese lunch my mind also goes to think if I could make a dessert from the same cuisine.

That’s when I came across this easy to make dessert from that part of the world.

Madlouaha is a simple recipe with basic ingredients, most of them available in our kitchen.


1) 2 Cups milk
2) 1/4 Cup shredded coconut
3) 1/3 cup Rava/Semolina
4) 2 tsp sugar
5) 200gms whipped cream/ fresh cream
6) Sugar syrup (made with 1/4 cup water and 1/4 cup sugar, boiled for 5mins, for flavour add rose water or any extract or essence, I used strawberry extract)
7) Nuts for garnish, usually pistachios are used (You may use your choice of nuts too)


1) Mix the milk, rava/semolina, sugar, shredded coconut in a pan and bring it to boil. Stir constantly till the mixture thickens (around 5-10 mins)

2) Grease a bowl with oil and pour the mixture in the bowl. Cool and refrigerate for 2hours.

3) Whip the cream. The mixture that is cooling in the refrigerator would have taken shape and set, this can now be transferred to a serving plate.

4) Apply the fresh/whipped cream on the pudding, garnish with nuts/pistachio and drizzle the sugar syrup before you serve.

It is a very delicate flavoured dessert.

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