Absolute Thai at Chennai

We were lucky to have visited absolute thai during their thai street food festival that is on till 30th April. The food sure is authentic.

Every dish was curated keeping in mind the flavours and taste of Thailand. Thai food

We started our Sunday dinner with thai tea and Milo.

The starters were an amazing platter :

Po Pia Phak is a crispy veg roll.

Goong Hom Pha prawn wrapped in mince chicken was soft juicy and yummy!

Krathong larb gai the flavourful chicken mince was served in cute little canape.

We had two main course:

Chu Chee curry had panko fried tofu served with thai curry and jasmine rice.

Hai tod kratiem prik tai had crispy fried chicken served with rice and salad.

The desserts were as exciting as the starters and the main course.

Khao Niew Dham is made with Black sticky rice pudding with coconut ice-cream.

Khao Niew shankayai sticky rice and jaggery wrapped in Banana leaf.

I would like to mention that the food is made using fresh ingredients. They make their own dips and pastes. And I think this reflects in the taste of the food.

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