What did traveling do to me!


Blessed to have lived in different cities of India and learnt almost all the languages that are spoken in India. Survival!!!Travelled 17 countries and looking forward to add a few more soon to the list. Makes me feel so so grateful.



Travel, it is your best teacher. What we cannot learn in school and within our local area, we learn only when we step out of our comfort zone and either travel or move to a new place.When I had just finished school and we had to move from Goa to Mumbai, I was sad but at the same time excited. Mumbai was a land of opportunities and I knew it was the best move for me for education, career and just being there!Mumbai was the best teacher for me. I learnt, I made mistakes, I struggled, I fought. some very tough battles/ some easy one’s within and without! I learnt to deal with different people young , old, north indians, south Indians, east indians and west Indians. Understood that if I can think from each person’s perspective it can only help me win! Talk their language, it helps,you win people! By the time I was 15years I spoke 6 languages!Every battle I fought only made me stronger. At 21 I was a young bold lady entrepreneur. I managed my own finances, look control of my family after my father passed away. Made some very good friends, clients, associates and networks! And can you believe it after 25yrs I am proud to say that I am still in touch with most of them. I believe we must forge friendship. We might have our own perspective and assumptions but never put it first, think from another person’s perspective it helps.Traveling teaches us how different people think differently, act differently to a given situation, situation are different and perspective of looking at situation are different. What I perceive, assume or think is not how others do and cannot be right always.Traveling makes you broad minded, it makes you more empathetic, allows you to look at situational perspective, definately makes you a more positive person!My personal experience with different countries.When we visited Vietnam, Cambodia and Thailand, though all are Asian countries, they had very different people, culture and attitude. Vietnamese were more sharp, smart and ready to go, they recovered from the brutal war and we are all set to show the world what they can do, whereas Cambodia has a soul, they are more humble , soft and naive, thai is a totally different story!

PPhunakha Dzong, Bhutan
Hong Kong is fashionable, Malaysians have rich culture and Singapore is in between!When in Europe, Germans are technology wise far superior, but very cold in attitude. Prague has a different Outlook, Amsterdam has a cool attitude, french don’t care, Belgians are chilled.Americans have people from all around the world and so they are a mix!Dubai glitters. Bhutan is paradise on Earth!

Colosseum, Rome

Leaning tower of Pisa, Italy



Allianz arena, Munich, Germany

EU parliament, Brussels

Volendam, Netherlands

Angkorwat, Cambodia


So how to deal with all these differences in culture, perspective and people do we change them or do we need to change???Travel, change and love unconditionally! You will be the most happiest person in this whole wide world!!!

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