Al Souk Moroccan, Syrian, Egyptian, Lebanese and Arabic food in Chennai.

Food scene in Chennai is changing and first time we have some interesting new cuisine.

Al souk is the new place in town that gives us the taste of Morocco, Egypt, Syria and Lebanon.

We started our evening with the Moroccan chicken soup and Lebanese lamb soup.

The Casablanca prawn salasti was made using fresh vegetables and prawns. It was well balanced with subtle flavour.

The hot Mezze was an instant hit for us. It had small portions of falafel, charmoula calamari, spanakos pita, Egyptian style beef.

The lamb Tagine is a Moroccan dish and had all the right flavours. The meat was tender and almost fell off the bone.

Egg shasouka with fresh baked pita made it a treat. Please note – they have wheat and ragi pita too and they make them fresh to order.

Laban is a very traditional Mediterranean drink and we had the strawberry Laban.

Sweet ending were with mini portion of baklava and kunafa.

Finished off the meal with a refreshing sulaimani tea!

Reasons to visit this place:

It is a quaint place in quite lane, new food flavours in Chennai. They do have grills and kebabs too! Going to try them.

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