South Indian non vegetarian food at Murukku Messai Mess, Ambattur, Chennai!

So for many who think south indian food consists of Idly, dosa, Sambar and chutney and that all South Indian are madrasis!🙄

Well you are highly mistaken. South India has 4 States and they all have different culture and food habits and in all four states people have non vegetarian food.

In Tamil Nadu predominantly the non veg food is made in the Chettinad style, but not limited to it off course.

So the evening did get exciting as I kept trying new dishes at the newly opened restaurant Murukku Messai Mess at Ambattur, chennai.

The chef is an expert in Chettinad cuisine and the parotta master was excellent in his Rythmic way of making his kothu parrotta.

Started the evening with panakam. This is a drink that is made using jaggery, lime and dry ginger. Basically this helps you build your appetite.

The mutton soup was well balanced and aromatic!

The starters were an array of the best Chettinad food that one can ever think of.

Eral/ mutton liver pepper fry. This was cooked to perfection and the spices were perfectly blended.

The prawn tokku was yummy juicy and the perfect small size. Did you know small prawns are much more tastier than the large one’s?

The Vanjaram meen varuval (sheer/ king/ surmai fish tawa fry) is their speciality and it comes with a secret recipe. The fish was fresh and well-done.

The nethali/ anchovies were crispy fried with a dash of curry leaves that gave a authentic aroma to it. Again the fish was fresh and that did make a big difference.

The kola urandai/ mutton balls were soft and had an excellent meat flavour.

The chicken with podi had the whole chicken breast piece marinated in secret south indian spices and shallow fried.

The break from starters happened with nannri sarbath and Goli soda. They serve 5 flavours of Goli soda. I tried the Kala katta and paneer soda.

The main course was as exciting as the starters.

The Kari / meat dosa had a very nice south Indian flavour.

The bun parotta and egg tokku was yummy. The bun parotta was soft even after it went cold,did not get rubbery.

The kothu parrotta was well balanced in flavour. I loved the way the parotta master made the parrotta. He used glass to chop it and there was a Rythm in it.

Check my YouTube link to watch it

The semiya kothu was as good as the kothu parrotta.

Idly with fish curry sure was my favourite.

The mutton Biryani does need a special mention. One of the few places that had the perfect madurai seeragai Samba rice biryani.

The rose milk gave the dinner a sweet ending!!!

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