Maestro of Punjabi cuisine at Hyatt Regency, Chennai

Maa ka khana is what you can find at the maestro of Punjabi cuisine at Hyatt Regency Chennai. The festival is on till 31st March for lunch and dinner!

Chef Sweety Singh Baluja has done magic with his hands by giving chennai the most authentic home style food. His food is made with love and fresh ingredients.

We started our evening with Bhangra and chit chat with the chef. He explained in detail to us about asli Punjabi food that is made with fresh ingredients, slow cooking and love!

The Kesar lassi was enticing and I had to start my evening with it. The flavour was subtle unlike the lassi that I have had before that is loaded with sugar. The flavour of Kesar/ saffron is rich and that makes it the best lassi!

Moving on to the starters:

The chicken tikka was extremely mild on flavour with minimal masala and rich with the right spices and not loaded with colour. Totally my type of tikka.

I am a seafood lover and am very particular about the taste and freshness of the fish. And it did not let me down. The fish was fresh and I was happy it was not basa and the flavour was outstanding!

Masala Aloo was cute little baby potatoes with the right masala and tang.

What is Punjabi food without paneer? Chef got it right with flavour and texture.

Moving on to main course.

The chicken kukkad masala was very close to a chicken butter masala. But was far superior in texture and taste.

Amritsari meat/ Tari Ghost was one of my favourite the meat was tender and loaded with fresh spices.

Paneer Makhanwala had all the right original flavour.

The palak (spinach) and corn gravy was a perfect blend of green leaves, green spices and sweetness of the corn. Definately a delight for the vegetarians.

Dal makhani is another favourite dish of mine as far as Punjabi food is concerned. I really love this dish and I think chef sweety actually stole my heart by getting it perfectly on the spot with slow cooking, fresh ingredients and loads of love poured into it!

Pindi Chole is a speciality of the Punjabi cuisine and not everybody gets it right. This is another dish that was cooked with lot of patience, since it needs slow cooking. And had the flavour right.

The kheer was a sweet ending to the soulful dinner !

Good food is always enjoyed with good company!

This food is all about recipes from generations that has been passed on, fresh ingredients, no short cuts, slow cooking, secret spices and loaded with love!

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