Peep kitchen in Panjim, Goa.

Panjim has many good places to dine. My focus was surely on seafood and that too fresh seafood!

Peep was highly recommended. For their good food and fresh seafood.

We started our lunch with drinks, the dry maritini was good served with olives. The Goan romance a drink using Goa’s local drink cashew feni was made to perfection. The cazulo feni was good.

We moved on to the starters, with the fish cafreal made with fresh sear/ king fish, was perfect on taste and freshness.

The tisreo/ clam pulao was subtle on taste but was rich on flavour.

The tossed vegetables was not only presented well, but also was made using fresh vegetables and perfect dressing.

The highlight of the lunch was the seafood thali. The rava fish fry, the tisreo/ clam sukka, the fish amotik, prawn kismur, bhaji and prawn gravy all the dishes in the thali was par excellence. Fresh, well spiced and amazingly yummy!

I would totally recommend this place for good food, fresh ingredients, clean ambience and polite service!

Peep kitchen is located at:

Risara Luxury , Ground Floor , Taliegao Market Road , Near Taliegao, Near Taliegao Community Centre, Taliegao, Panaji, Goa 403001

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