Quaint Salzburg, Austria May 2018

Salzburg was the shortest and sweetest. Motive of seeing this city was to know more about the legendary musician “Mozart”.

Konigssee lake was our first stop just when we were ready to cross the German border and enter into Austria. This beautiful lake konigssee is a part of the Berchtesgaden national park. We stopped by to see this mesmorising lake surrounded by mountains.

One interesting thing to notice in Salzburg is when we park and enter the old city through the tunnel the temperature suddenly drop and it gets so cold that we literally have to get our jackets on.

Historic centre of the city of Salzburg is a photo view point and if you are a tourist photo is mandatory.

Our main stop followed. Mozart’s museum, this use to be his home. It is well preserved with loads of information. A lot is written about him, his family and his compositions. If you are a music lover and have tried your hands on the notes and music of Mozart, it is a place one would like to visit.

This sure made us hungry and so we decided to have our lunch at the open farmers market. This place has a good choice of fresh vegetables, fruits and bread.

Another important point to be noted is that we walk atleast 6- 9kms everyday. This helps us digest all the food that we consume. So it’s hard work and food.

Salzburg, Austria sure was another country, another culture and another learning.

Travel – this helps you grow!

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