The Big Brother Germany May 2018

And why do I call it the “Big Brother” well I personally felt of all the countries I visited in Europe, Germany was much more advanced and forward.

Our long drive of more than 10 hours was completely worth. Our entry to Munich was by first searching for a place to have dinner. We accidentally discovered a wonderful quaint place Gasthof Zahler. This place is run by a family that serves the most authentic German food, cooked in their kitchen. The food and service was par excellence.

Our stay was as exciting as our dinner, we stayed in a chateaux that had beautiful rooms. Not sure if chateaux’s are built anymore, ours was a pretty old one, but taken care of very well.

The next morning we visited the most talked about place in the soccer world, The Allianz Arena, the home of FC Bayern. Our tour there was an eye opener in many senses. We got to see the mamoth stadium that accomodates 75,000 people on a match day. Our tour guide walked us through each and every part of the stadium. We sure were impressed by this dream land.

After the Arena, we just decided to walk past the field and open space around the chateaux and oh my god it was such a beautiful evening walking near the yellow vast quite land.

Bavarian dinner is exciting. We tried quiet a few dishes at Die post and they were all very good. The waiters were traditionally dressed and that sure added to the flavour.

It was time to say goodbye to this beautiful country with another awestrucking breakfast place in the neighborhood where we could smell the fresh bread being baked.

And I would again conclude by saying. ” Travel brings a new horizon to your life and when you share it with others, it illuminates their life’s too”

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