Prague the historic city in Czech, May 2018.

The beautiful city of Prague/ Praha in Czech has a lot of history and many interesting places to visit.

We decided to visit the famous Prague castle, cathedral, Charles bridge and the night life with authentic Czech food at “U Vejvodu”

To start with we stayed in an independent house in Bechovice that had 3 bedrooms. Very well maintained and absolutely stunning, with a kitchen.

The trip to the 9th century castle was an extremely pleasant experience for many reasons. Couple of which I would like to quote here;

1) we were in the castle on the first day of tourism season, that meant all entries were free.

2) The tour guides who work for the castle were suppose to render their services for free, only for that day. They had also requested retired guides to come and help tourist for free.

So guess what we had this young old sweet man all of 88yrs near us. He asked us can I help you and I said well, we are not sure if we need a guide, since we were not planning to spend a lot of time there. He said no problem I can just tell you as much as you want and you know I will do it for free. I laughed and he said, don’t laugh I am serious. And than he told us that we had indeed arrived on a very special day.

And from then on we walked and talked together for 3hrs. He had a wealth of knowledge, since he worked in the castle for almost 50yrs. He just loved us, because he had not met any Indian before and he was very curious to know a lot about India. We exchanged a lot of information about our respective countries. After 3 hrs we kissed him goodbye. I really take a lot of good memories from this particular trip. Mr Slavek you stole my heart. I will always remember you in my memories of Prague.

Charles Bridge full of tourists, but a good place to hang around, with a good view of the castle from below.

Dinner at a local restaurant was total Czech with whole load of meat. Czech’s eat a lot of meat and barely any veggies. I presume a vegetarian might have a difficult time here. The restaurant that we visited is open till 3am everyday and till 4am on weekends. You must have guessed how hard they party!

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