Fish Fillet Roll

Italian, Chinese and Indian fish roll with similar flavored rice

Ingredients :

  1. Any fish thin fillet (boneless and skinless)
  2. Home made pesto sauce
  3. Home made chill and garlic sauce
  4. Home made Tandoori masala
  5. Cooked basmati rice
  6. oil
  7. cheese optional for the pesto roll


  1. Apply each sauce on one fillet of fish and roll it up. continue the same with all fillet. I made 2 with pesto, 2 with chill garlic and 3 with tandoori. keep it aside.
  2. Added cheese on the sauce for the pesto roll.
  3. Take a pan drizzle olive oil add the pesto sauce add the boiled basmati rice sauté and remove from fire. Continue the same process with chill garlic and tandoori rice. Keep aside.
  4. Take a pan with little oil and shallow fry the roll.
  5. Place each roll on the flavored rice.
  6. Salad is optional.

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