Alfredo, Pesto and Arrabiata Sauce



Alfredo Sauce


1 tbsp cooking butter

2 tbsp Maida/ All purpose flour

1-cup milk

½ tsp mixed dry Italian herbs

1tsp finely chopped celery (optional)

Veggies (optional) I added carrot, sweet corn and olives

¼ cup cheese (I use parmesan) you could use any cheese slice

Salt to taste


Melt the butter in the pan. Sauté the vegetable and celery in the butter, in 3mintues add the Maida/all purpose flour and mix for 2-3minutes on low flame. Add the milk, salt and mixed herbs and bring the sauce to boil. Add the cheese and switched the fire off.


You could add fresh cream to make the sauce creamier – Personally I do not do it.

For non-vegetarians you could add shredded cooked chicken along with the vegetable.


Pesto Sauce


2 cups fresh basil leaves.

2 cloves garlic.

1/4 cup pine nuts.

½ cup extra-virgin olive oil.

salt and freshly ground black pepper to Taste

¼ cup Parmesan cheese


Blend all the ingredients. Note: This sauce can be preserved in the freezer for 1-2months.


You could alternate pine nuts with almonds or Walnuts, but I prefer pine against any other nuts.


You could use this sauce along with Alfredo sauce to make it creamier.

You could also use this sauce in your sandwich.


Arrabiata sauce


1 medium onion

2tbsp olive oil

2 large ripe tomatoes chopped

3 large ripe tomatoes pureed

1 capsicum finely chopped

1 green chili

5-6 cloves garlic, crushed and chopped

1tsp finely chopped celery

5-6 leaves fresh basil (optional)

salt to taste

½ tsp mixed dry Italian herbs


Take oil in a pan, add the onion, green chili, celery, garlic and capsicum and sauté for 5minutes on high flame, add the tomatoes add salt and sauté till the tomatoes cook, add the pureed tomatoes, basil, mixed herbs and cook till the sauce blends together. Add some water or stock if required.


This sauce can also be used on your Pizza and can be preserved in the freezer for 1-2months.

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