Pani Puri Recipe

Pani Puri Recipe



1)   2 Packets of Pani puri (25 puri’s in each packet)

2)   For the filling – Boiled aloo with chat masala OR Soaked Boondi  OR Chopped Onions OR Boiled aloo with soaked and boiled brown channa with chat masala OR white dry peas soaked cooked and sautéed in oil jeera, salt and turmeric powder OR Green Moong Sprouted and lightly steamed (this is what I use for my family- healthy and tasty).

3)   For the Water – 1 ½ bunch of Pudhina (mint leaves), 1 bunch Coriander leaves, 125 gms tamarind, 250 gms grated jaggery, 5- 8 green chilly, 2 tsp Jeera. 1 inch ginger, Black salt 2 tbsp, normal salt according to taste, roasted jeera powder and bay leaf.

Method :

In a plan take the jaggery, tamarind, bay leaf and 3 green chilly slit. Add some water and leave it to cook. After 10-15 minutes take it off the fire and let it cool.

When its cool, remove the bay leaf and slit green chilly from it and with your had sieve the mixture through a strainer.  Keep it aside.

Next clean and wash the mint leaves, coriander leaves, green chilies and ginger. Put all this along with jeera and grind to a chutney consistency. Now have chill ice water ready. Sieve this chutney through a strainer along with cold ice water. Mix the jaggery tamarind paste with this mint chutney. Add powdered black rock salt, jeera powder and normal salt for taste.  Vola its ready to make and eat.

Tip – leave the water in the frezzer for sometime before you are ready to use it.


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