Tuscana at Chennai

One summer evening at Tuscana, Chennai. For a change it was not a big crowd and we got to meet a few new people too. The moment we reached there, Tatva (my 10yr old son) wanted to get his hands on making pizza for himself. While he hurried to make  his Pizza. We got some  Primo Baguette Focacce . Baguette all’Aglio  Mozzarella  (oven baked garlic baguette with Mozzarella) was nice, I like it better then the garlic bread.  The others that we got to taste were – Peperoni e Formaggi with melting Cheese, peppers and green olive. Spinich e Gorgonzola- Cheese, spinach, onion and blue cheese. Pollo Affumucata – smoked chicken, cheese and button mushroom. I loved all these baguette, only I found it to be a little salty and I was told that they use sea salt for all these, not sure, if that’s how it is meant to taste.

We were served Antipasto (meaning of Antipasto – An appetizer typically consisting of olives, anchovies, cheeses, and meats.) Arancini do Riso (saffron infused crispy rice balls with peas and mozzarella cheese on warmed tomato basil with shredded parmesan) The rice balls were nice and crispy from outside and melted in the mouth from inside. Next came the Spiedino Mozzarella (Skewersmof buffalo mozzarella, cherry tomatoes, breaded ricotta balls and crumbed fried zucchini). The Purea di Tonno e Pane Croccante ( Pate of fresh tuna, cream cheese, paprika, lemon and cream served with capers,olives and salad with toasted walnut bread) what makes all these dished so nice and healthy are the fresh vegetables, cheese and herbs that go into making them.

Next we moved to the pizza. Ofcourse I love the one that my son made with Chicken, olives, Zucchini and cheese. My next favorite was  Roma ( Fresh Mozzarella, marinara sauce, oven-dried tomato, prosciutto ham, kalamata olives  and rocket leaves.

Moving on to Pasta I loved the Primavera Verdi e crema allo Zafferano (spring vegetable of zucchini, green peas and asparagus with saffron cream sauce. I thought it was different from the usual white sauce pasta. My all time favorite All Arrabbiata (sauce pasta of tomatoes , flat leafed parsley, crushed garlic, red chilli flakes and extra virgin olive oil with fusilli pasta) The non veg pasta pollo Affumicato con salsa di capperi (smoked chicken breast, cream, pancetta bacon, button mushroom, caper and sun-dried tomato) was just ok for my taste, nothing different.

Moving on to the sweet part of the showcase we moved on to the Dolce which means (Sweetly and softly) We had the most lovely Tiramisu which I have always loved in Tuscana. I think they have the best Tiramisu in town. The Torta soffice di Mele (Italian apple cake with zested lemon and cinnamon served with custard cream sauce) was nice and freshly baked.

Overall the Best showcase with Vipin being the perfect host. Guess they should Restart the weekend breakfast soon.


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