Ma Tint Tint

Ma Tint Tint – Had been planning to go to this place for a month now. Fixed with my friends twice and did not end up going, due to various reason. Today also my visit there was just because we wanted to go to Ajnabi at fountain plaza, but when we went there, it was closed. It seems Ajnabi is closed on Sunday’s L Well not knowing where to go  (luckily I had my niece with me who does not mind experimenting new cuisine) stopped by this place at 6.30pm, not sure if they would be open. Walked in and checked if they were open and they said yes. Now the biggest challenge was on what to order. Only 2 things that I had tasted till date as far as Burmese food was concerned (Athow and Khowsuey),so everything else in the menu looked like greek and latin J We ordered for chicken Athow and a meat platter which consisted of Athow, some meat and noodle soup, rice with mutton, the boiled egg with masala and a dessert.  When we were waiting for our food, we got 2small bowls of yummy clear veg soup which was complimentary. I must admit the food was excellent. It was like home food, which would not give you that bloated feeling. Spice and other masala were just right. The place even though small is neat and clean. I would definitely refer this place to people and am surely going again with my bunch of friends. Glad I discovered another lovely place not too far from my home.

2 thoughts on “Ma Tint Tint

  1. can we get to read about the “Flying Elephant”….. am dying to know more about the place and of course dine more…..

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