Soul food at The Viridian plate in Chennai ❤️

One of those days when I came back home with my stomach and soul full.

In this world were everything is a compromise very few places believe in serving genuine and concious food to their customers. The Viridian plate is one such place.

The place vibrates postive energy that reflects in the food, this plant based restaurant is not only a boon to a vegetarian, vegan or Jain but to a pure non vegetarian like me, I almost got converted to a vegetarian by eating the food here.

Tucked in a quiet quaint corner of the city at thiruvanmiyur a must visit place for the yummy delicious food. This is what I had today. Triple c soup – carrot, cauliflower, coconut the flavour and texture of the soup was amazing!

Broccoli tater tots were like the taste bhi health bhi dish. You will love it for its taste and health quotient!

Spicy tofu with coffee coulis now this is one dish that blew my mind totally tofu served with coffee, I mean really??? And I can’t just explain how delicious this was, I totally totally enjoyed it!

Stuffed cheese balls not a simple run of the mill but these bombs of happiness were filled with vegan cheese.

Jimami tofu (peanut) burji another dish or rather ingredient I discovered today. So did you know that Japanese make their tofu from peanuts??? No I did not know, sorry! But yes I learnt it today and this most amazing burji that would give a run for the egg burji was made using peanut tofu or Jimami tofu!

Creamy corn and peas pasta it was smooth, subtle and the best!

Jackfruit biryani every vegetarians mock meat jackfruit definitely brings in the right flavour to the biryani.

(Peanut) tofu butter masala, spinach Paratha was like a marriage made in heaven the pairing was the best. The parotta was soft and made to order . The tofu made using peanut was softer than paneer.

Peanut curd rice I think I love this curd rice more than the normal one!

The desserts were the most surprising factor golden kheer made of pumpkin had some amazing Indian flavours. Whereas the chocolate mousse a no cook bomb of flavour!

To sum it up the owners Shankar and Gayathri are fabulous Human beings with an intention to serve the best to their customers. Uma and Jai supply the purest form of ingredients to this The Viridian plate and it was because of them that I got to have a meal at this place in Chennai!

So if you are looking at a plant based diet and wanting to enjoy good vegetarian food I would totally recommend The Viridian plate they also have a store that sells all vegan produce, go check them out!

2 thoughts on “Soul food at The Viridian plate in Chennai ❤️

  1. Really enjoyed reading the article. The post on your ladakh trip is a nice one. Lot of thanks for the information provided and experience shared and I really feel encouraged to visit Ladakh although I am 71(+).Look forward to further posts.

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