Undress before you eat!

How many times have you undressed before you ate, literally!!!

Summer in india is a beautiful month, mother nature serves us the best seasonal fruits in summer.

As children we would get to eat mangoes, cashew fruits, watermelon and Jamun only if we took off our clothes and sat in the balcony or portico! This was only because we do not mess up our clothes and got to enjoy the fruits in the rustic way. Today I see parents peel the skin cut the mango into cubes and give their Children, why, but why? Why don’t we really let them enjoy the fruit the way we did it. Even better take them to the farm and let the understand that mangoes do not come from the shops on online stores they come from the farms. How about a farm trip. Just like we do it in Chennai. The Hanu Reddy mango tourism. I am sure other states and cities have similar farms too. Take our children back to nature and innocent fun.

Remember our future is going to be in our past like my dear friend Gina from Zola India says. Our past habits of eating, yoga and Ayurveda and going to be our future. Let’s introduce our children to this before they grow up only with modern gadgets and unhealthy food.

I am glad to see many of the fine dining restaurants and star hotels including healthy food options in their menu. It is going the #2023yearofmillet way and we are glad that we are part of the change with Eat Pray and Love a food community working towards introducing traditional food using #millets #indigenousrice #traditionalcookingmethods

Let’s undress our minds and adapt ourselves to #mindfuleating #healthybodyandmind!

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