Achayathis a south Kerala homestyle food in Chennai!

What I like about this place! It has homestyle food from the southern part of Kerala specifically from Kottayam! The food is cooked by the achayathi / the lady of the house. The place is tastefully done with some simple eye catching wall painting and wooden benches!

The food was simple with a total homemade flavour from a mother’s kitchen! The meals was basic with avail, thoran, Sambar, rasam, moru, pickle, papadam and payasam. We ordered for mathi/ sardines, beef fry and Kappa biryani that was extra.

Vegetarian meals with mathi fry, Kappa biryani and beef fry ordered extra!
Kappa biryani
Beef fry
Mathi fry
Kizhi mutton biryani
Awesome flavour and fragrance! Kizhi biryani!
Beef kizhi biryani
And she is the Achayathi Anna!