The Original Bombay brassiere at Nungambakkam, Chennai.

This definitely gives me lot of happiness to see that Bombay brassiere is back in action at Nungambakkam and that too with the original tag. I always loved the location and ambience of this place, specially the outdoor seating! This is one of the few places in Chennai that serves food from all over India, traditional food with a modern twist!

We started our evening with Jaipur Gulabo. what attracted me to this drink was offcourse the name! But was amazed with its taste and presentation.

Jaipur Gulabo

The papad bowl was not only colourful but came with variety of papads and dips. My favourite being the salsa dip!

Papad bowl

The aam papad paneer was soft silky paneer costed in dry sweet mango sauce. It had a tangy and sweet flavour!

Aam papad paneer

Naga ghost pepper wings! Naga peppers are one of the spiciest and that is used to make this dish. The flavour is absolutely stunning if you are ready to handle the heat.

Naga ghost pepper wings!

The Calcutta club fish fry was the most amazing dish! The fish was fresh the kasundi sauce used was full of flavour and fried to perfect crispiness!

Calcutta club fish fry!

The chilli cheese kulcha was a very creative blend of chilli cheese and kulcha. Kulcha that usually comes as a bread with mains came with a twist like a appetizer! The cheese just oozed out with a bite.

Chilli cheese kulcha!

The Kashmiri naan kebab was a beauty of a dish. This can be had as an appetizer or a main, served with a walnut dip. It truly is a kashmiri beauty!

Kashmiri naan kebab!

The finale is always sweet and these desserts were indian, but exotic! Jalebi with rabri, amritsari kulfi and Anglo Indian bread pudding. Presentation was perfect, taste was absolutely stunning!

Jalebi with rabri!
Anglo Indian bread pudding!
Amritsari kulfi!

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