Rajasthan Dairies – Jaipur and Udaipur.

Incredible India!

Rajasthan has history, palaces, forts and the Royals.

We visited two cities Jaipur and Udaipur. We were lucky to have friends in Jaipur who welcomed us with open arms.

We landed in the afternoon and had a fantastic h\nome cooked lunch at our friends house.

Evening to midnight was spent at chohki Dhani. This place is vibrant, with loads of activities like, dance, music, astrologers, wrestlers, camel rides, sumptuous authentic meal and more.

Next day after the the Rawat kachori breakfast, we planned the city tour with the Albert museum, Birla temple, masala chowk and Amer fort.


The Amer fort is one of its kind and a must visit. It is beyond ones imagination how such a fort was build hundreds of years ago. The Sheesh Mahal for imaginary stars and 12 apartments for 12queens. You can find it all here.

By now it was evening and time to start our journey to Udaipur!

Another beautiful small city with history in every place.

We stayed at the club Mahindra, Udaipur. The resort is good with a cool pool and lots of activities for the Children. The food is decent, but my suggestion avoid having lunch here. Breakfast and dinner is good.

Since the resort is 10+KMS away it is most of the time challenging to commute. Though ola and uber has services in Udaipur they do not come towards club Mahindra. If you are lucky you might get a cab totally by fluke. Share auto’s are available on the main road.

After a sumptuous breakfast at club Mahindra we started our site seeing by boat ride at Lake pichola. This one was splendid, the water was clean and the view to city place, the Taj and other places and forts were beautiful.

Next was the city palace. I was totally in awe with the grandeur and architecture of this palace. Each room and structure was constructed keeping in mind each person’s needs. Amazingly there were lifts and wheelchairs in those days, can you believe and also western toilets! I could endless talk about this massive dream palace.

It was 3pm and we had not yet had our lunch. I was very particular about having a good Rajasthani non vegetarian lunch. We headed to Rajwadi bites. I must say the Lal maas was the best there. The malai chicken kebab was rich and loaded with flavour.

Our next stop was at sahelion ki Bari, just a simple not maintained garden. Not worth the time.

The Fateh Sagar lake was our next destination and it was beautiful. The sunset is something to watch.

We headed back the club Mahindra Udaipur to only be enjoying the Navratri garba and the puppet show.

Dal Bhati is the traditional food of Rajasthan. We had a mini workshop about the variety of Bhati’s that are available in club Mahindra, they had raagi, stuffed and a few more varieties of Bhati. Chef Abhishek was kind enough to take us through the making of the various Bhati’s.

The next day was totally devoted to some shopping at the hathi pole market. This market has some beautiful clothing and accessories!

Dinner reservation was at the famous Ambrai. This restaurant is famous for its view that over looks the pichola lake and the city place. The view at night with lights on is breathtaking. The food is good with live music and polite service.

We bid Udaipur good bye and headed back to Jaipur the pink city.

City palace, jantar mantar, queens market, hawa Mahal and the Johri bazaar was a half day trip at Jaipur.

Next that followed was a mid weekend dinner at Jaipur ADDA. An awesome evening with some superb collection of live hindi songs made the roof top dinning even more fun. The food and drinks were amazing. Good news is the place is open till 2am.

Few places and food that were in my pending list was covered on the final day before we left back home.

Lassiwala one amazing place where people come from all over the city and he is sold out by 1pm. The lassi was subtle and served in earthern cups.

We have all heard about dal Bhati, but kheema Bhati was a must try for me being a non vegetarian and I must say it was yummy. The Bhati is stuffed with kheema and has to be had with meat gravy. Again a must try if you are in Jaipur and a hardcore non vegetarian.

Saying goodbye to Jaipur was not easy, specially because we had friends who loved us. But all good things have to come to an end and this surely ended too soon!

Till my next trip/ vacation/ holiday bye bye!

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