Wok Monk, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

Wok monk serves Asian cuisine, but not like any other place.

We tasted many unique dishes that we have not tasted before.

It is amazing how food scene is changing in Chennai.

Chef Ilan and Bablu did 10days of travel to a few countries and managed to replicate many dishes from there and I think they have done an extremely decent job.

We started our lunch with Cendol champion, a south east Asian delicacy with a mix of mung bean flour Jelly, coconut milk and Palm sugar syrup. It was quite a refresher.

Iced Milo recovery shake. Had chunks of jelly.

Corn and water chestnut dumplings a perfect balance of crunchiness from water chestnut and softness from corn steamed to perfection.

Mixed vegetable crystal dumplings assorted vegetables with white seasoning stuffed in potato starch.

Broccoli and spinach dumpling broccoli spinach and coriander season with Chili steam to perfection

Soupy veg dumplings these are available in both variations you get it in vegetarian as well as non vegetarian.

Spicy chicken and celery dumplings

Prawn har Gao

Bakso soup

Sambal prawn

Ayam 36 goreng

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