Prems graama bhojanam, Anna Nagar, Chennai

Prems graama bhojanam, Anna Nagar, Chennai.

And this traditionally done up place has the most yummiest and healthy food. The all health food place. Serves food that is made with millet only. Did you know that millet is complex carbs and takes long to digest and hence you will not put on weight as quickly as you do when you eat simple carbs like rice.

At prems they do not use maida or any refined flour, no white sugar, no vanaspati, no colour, no artificial flavours, no preservatives and no soda. Everything you eat here is natural and full of goodness. They use only ghee and rice bran oil for cooking.
The most softest idly is made not of rice but of millets. Dosa are made using black rice, red rice, Bajra, and different varieties of millets.

This moringa leaves was peppery and yummy. It was served with ragi and udad dal vadams/ fries.

Cutlets are made using full green moong and sweet potato. Pakoda’s are made using greens and ridge gourd.

Kulfi the dessert is made using palm jaggery and dry fruits and served in earthen pot!
End of it could not ask for anything more healthy.
Mr Krishna Murthy the brain behind this wonderful concept of healthy eating has a wealth of knowledge about these foods. Do meet him on your visit if he is there. You will know more about what you eat!

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