Kappa Chakka Kandhari! A whole new kerala toddy shop food experience in Chennai!

Kappa chakka kanthari!

So if you have been to Kerala and loved eating at the small road side toddy shop?Kappa Chakka Kandhari, is giving you the same food experience in Chennai.

We tasted almost 20 odd dishes and did not feel heavy or over full. We felt light and happy!

We started our dinner with 3 drinks the guava chilli, spiced buttermilk and fruit drink with nannari!

Special mention to the water that is stored in copper vessel over night and served in clay bottles.

The starters were super cool and yummy. Small fishes similar to anchovies from the backwaters of Kerala was deep fried, crispy and yummy, the beef fry was nothing like what I have tasted in ages!

Another interesting starters we had was boiled Kappa (Tapioca) with kanthari chilli chutney. This sure needs a special mention.

The main course started pouring in just when we finsihed the starters.

The ramaserri idly is unheard off and they have a person all the way from ramaserri to make this one, since it needs special skill required to make these idlies. The chicken curry served with this had all the right flavours of coconut and coconut oil.

The patri with fish curry was a hit. Patri was soft and the fish was from the backwaters of Kerala, this sure did add to the flavour.

The vattayappam with duck curry was extremely flavourful. The Toddy taste and flavour made the appam very special.

Special mention to the puttu. We had the beef and the chicken puttu. There is some magic in this puttu that makes it so light and does not make your tummy heavy.

The chicken puttu had quail eggs on top and I think that made it a little special.

Pidi with country chicken curry was extremely tasty. Pidi are small rice dumplings cooked in coconut milk. The combo was indeed yummy.

Another special mention to one more special and rare dish from Kerala. Pazham pori ( sweet banana fritters) with beef curry. Unimaginable but amazing in taste.

We ended our dinner with some yummy desserts.

Pazham nirachattu. Ripe banana stuffed with coconut and jaggery.

The final dessert was an icing to the cake that Justified the name of the restaurant. And can you ever imagine ice cream with a lace of chilli flavour? Yes this ice cream had a dash of kanthari chilli in it that was so flavourful.

Few things if you are visiting the place:

1) A must visit for everyone.

2) prices are very nominal

3) They have enough and more vegetarian options too.

4) get yourself to understand what you are eating you will love your food even more.

5) most of their ingredients come from Kerala. E.g the fish, coconut, coconut oil, etc etc

6) they are open for public on 5th July.

7) they have a private studio that will see lot of action in the coming days. Will write about it in detail.

Would like to sign off with a special thanks to chef Regi for taking time to explain to us in detail about each dish and showing us around.

Location at haddows road next to haddows park and Krishnavillasam, Nungambakkam.

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5 thoughts on “Kappa Chakka Kandhari! A whole new kerala toddy shop food experience in Chennai!

  1. Want to know more on the vegetarian dishes. I love the Kerala cuisine and its Vegetarian dishes. Do we get the authentic taste as in Red Rice Puttu and Dark brown kadala curry.

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