Junk to Jewel 

Junk to Jewel

Why the caption because I believe that all processed or packed food is Junk. But how one converts junk to Jewel is an art. The art that I am passionate about.

So when we decided to make instant noodles for breakfast after probably more than 1year. My heart and mind were screaming no, no, but my son was insistent. The foodie in me started working on how to give my son what he wanted yet make it healthy and yummy for his to tongue and tummy!!!

And vola, this is how it happened:

1) 1 large carrot chopped

2) 1 capsicum chopped

3) spring onions the leaves and the roots chopped.

4) 1 string of celery chopped

5) 2 packs instant noodles (I used Maggi)

6) 1 TSP organic sesame/ gingerly oil

7) I egg (optional)

8) salt to taste if required


Boil water according to instructions on the noodles packet.

Add all the vegetables to the boiling water and boil for 2 minutes (do not over cook the vegetables) add the sesame oil on the boiling vegetables.

Add the noodles and the masala ( if you do not want to use the masala, throw the masala away and add pinch of turmeric power, 1/2 TSP coriander powder, 1/4 TSP jeera/ cummin powder, 1/4 TSP chili powder, 1/4 TSP garam masala powder, salt to taste)

When the masala, noodles and vegetables together have cooked for 2 minutes. Crack the egg, cover and cook for another minute or two for the egg to cook. 

Sprinkle some herbs on the egg if required for extra taste ( I sprinkled lemon grass powder)

Yummy, healthy, simple Junk to Jewel breakfast ready to be indulged!!!

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