Thai flavoured bread and zuccini pizza with fresh herbs.

Thai flavoured bread and  zuccini pizza with fresh herbs.

Fresh herbs are aromatic, adds loads of flavour and good for health too!

My bread recipe is already on my blog. Please check. What I added extra after the first punch to my dough to make it Thai flavoured was Thai red curry paste and loads of fresh Thai basil.

For the zuccini pizza:

Sliced the zuccini and stauteed it in olive oil with crushed garlic, fresh rosemary and thyme.

Rolled the bread Dough  to disc/ roti/ pancake shape.

Apply Thai curry paste mixed with some tomato puree and tomatoe ketchup to give it a sweet taste. Arrange the zuccini on the spread, cover with mozzarella cheese, sprinkle basil and drizzle some extra virgin olive oil for moisture.

Bake at 200 degrees for 20mins.

Yummy healthy Thai flavoured pizza ready to be gobbled!!!🍕 🍞

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