Som Tum- Thai salad

Som Tum- Thai green papaya salad


1) 1 raw green papaya

2) 2 medium size sour tomatoes

3) 2 tbsp lemon juice

4) 4-5 green chillies as per spice level

5) 4-5 garlic flakes

6) 3tbsp crushed peanuts

7) 2-3 TSP palm sugar

8) salt to taste

9) fish sauce (optional, I did not use it)

10) Dried shrimp paste (optional, I did not use it)

11) 2 TSP  Groundnut oil (optional, I used it)


Grate the raw papaya into thin long Julienne.

Cut tomatoes in small pieces.

Pound the garlic, green chillies, tomotoes, peanuts, palm sugar and rock salt. Add lemon juice and oil and mix well. If you are using fish sauce and shrimp paste this is the time to add it.

Add the papaya to the salad dressing and mix well.

Garnish with some more peanuts.

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