Christmas Fruit cake

Recipe for Christmas Fruit cake


1)   1 Cup maida/flour

2)   1 Cup sugar

3)   170 gms unsalted butter

4)   ½ cup sugar + 1tbsp water+1/2cup water to caramalise the sugar

5)   6 tbsp tutty futty soaked in rum/ brandy

6)   3eggs

7)   1tsp baking powder

8)   1tsp vanilla essence

9)   4 cloves, 1 small piece cinnamon and small peiece nutmeg – powdered.

Method :

To make the caramel:

Take a heavy bottom vessel and put the 1/2cup of sugar and 1tbsp of water  and leave it on medium heat. You will see the sugar melt and color change, do not use a spoon to mix it, gently swirl the vessel, when the sugar turns dark brown switch of the flame and add the 1/2cup of water into it and mix well. Do not go close to the pan/pot when you are adding water as it will splash, stand far away and add the water. Leave it to cool.

Sieve the maida/flour and baking powder and leave aside.

Take egg, soft butter and sugar and blend it well till you get a creamy consistency Add vanilla essence, 1/2cup of caramel and the spice powder and blend for a few minutes. Little by little add the maida and baking powder and mix well.

Bake in a preheated oven  at 180 degrees for 30mins, if required more.

Please note – I did not have brandy or rum at home. So added Bailey’s.ImageImageImage

I made two 1/2kg cakes with this batter.

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