Spinach and Potato Clafoutis


Ingredients :
For the batter :
1) 65 gms Maida
2) 2 eggs
3) ¼ tsp salt
4) 180 ml milk
1) 1 medium Onion
2) 1 medium Potato
3) Half bunch of spinach (Blanched)
4) Few herbs (Fresh or dry. I had a few fresh rosemary and Thyme)
5) 2 tbsp oil to sauté the veggies
Blend the Maida, eggs, milk and salt in mixer of food processor. Keep it aside.
Saute the onion ,veggies and herbs in olive oil. ( I used extra virgin olive oil). When they are half done, take a small cake tin or bread tin, grease it with oil and arrange the veggies at the bottom of the tin. Pour the batter into the tin and bake in a preheated oven at 180 degrees for 20minsutes. Mouth watering Clafoutis is ready.
You could add cheese if you like. I did not add it though.

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