Stuffed Bhindi/Okra Fry

Stuffed Bhindi/Okra Fry


1/2kg Small tender Bhindi/Orka

200gms of Besan/ Gram flour

1tbsp coriander seed/Dhanya powder

1tsp  Jeera / cumin powder

1tsp Turmeric powder

2tsp of Chilli powder

1tsp Amchur/ dry mango powder (optional)

1/4tsp of Hing / asafoedita

1tsp or according to your taste salt (I am a little conservative in using salt)

2tbsp of any oil to cook. ( I Use olive oil)


Wash  and dry the Bhindi/okra. Cut the crown and tail of the Bhindi/Okra. Slit the Bhindi/Okra length wise from one side and keep it aside.

Take all the dry ingredients and mix them well and check the salt and chilli. You may add more of chilli or salt if you may need. Open the slit side of the Bhindi/Okra gently and fill it with the dry masala.

Take a non-stick pan, pour the oil and ensure that you spread the oil to every corner of the pan. Place the Bhindi one by one on the hot pan and  shallow fry. Do NOT cover the pan with the lid, it has to be cooked in an open pan on low flame. Turn the side when you feel one side is cooked and browned a little.

Can be eaten with Dal and Rice or Roti.Image

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