Gulab Jamun Cheesecake


Gulab Jamum   – 300gms small one’s, they are called Angur Jamun and A2B.

Fresh Cream – 400 Gms

Amul/Brittania Curd –  200gms  (Drain through a Muslin Cloth )

Powdered sugar – 200 gms – 1cup

Gelatine – 15 gms – 3 tsp

Water – 50 ml

Vanilla  Essence – 1 tsp

Everst Milk masala – 2 tsp boiled in 5 tbsp of milk

For the Base1 packet Digestive Biscuits crushed & mixed with 50 Gms melted Butter . Line the spring back pan with the above mixture & freeze it.


Melt gelatine with warm water & melt over Double boiler. Beat Cream with sugar over bed of ice till peaks form. Blend in melted gelatine , blend once again  adding in Milk masala and milk Mixture , essence , hung curd.  Cut the Gulab Jamun’s to half and arrange above the biscuit base which is by now nicely frozen .Pour the mixture into the frozen tin, cover & chill in fridge over night.ImageImageImage

Garnish it  with gulab jamun before  or after you remove from the mould.

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