How to successfully convert Job offers to Joiners in India!

The biggest nightmare and challenge that every recruiter is facing today in India is the conversion from offer given to joining. And that’s the first question I ask every candidate that I call for a recruitment position.

Who is worried about how many offers you rolled out, tell me how many joined and what is your success and strategy for that conversion.

As greedy as people could get it’s a fact that if you are the first to offer a person who has 3 months of notice period you are his last prefered employer. The moment he/ she gets an offer, there is when the real job hunt starts. By the time the candidate joins that last company that he negotiated the salary he/she would have managed a minimum 100 to 200 percent hike. So 3 months is used to get more and more and believe me there is no end to it. I have had candidates whose current salary was 9 lacs got their first offer for 12lacs, next one for 15lacs, 18lacs, 20lacs and finally joined the company that offered him 22lacs.

Now who is to be blamed for this ofcourse the employers who keep giving these offers just because they are desperate to fill that position.

Can we bring an end to this drama? Yes we can. How? Like I always say once a person has resigned his contribution and loyalty for that employer starts going down. Those are also people who can create more harm than adding any value to your organization. Let them go, 3 months is a ridiculously long time to keep someone in the system well only if you want to show the head for the headcount. Like most of the countries 2 week’s is a good time for knowledge transfer and farewells!

To all my senior management and decision makers of an organization, if you are looking at hiring people and looking at only immediate joiners it’s time to let your people go immediately too. It’s a circle and someone has to break it. 2 week’s believe me is a good time to let go and induct a new employees!

Yogita Uchil Human factor corporation

One thought on “How to successfully convert Job offers to Joiners in India!

  1. Yogita,

    I absolutely agree with you and the talent war and offer dropouts have become a very common thing in the current scenario.

    Organization’s have to work out not only on the notice period but also have to come up with some kind of tangible solutions for having a hold on the candidates at the time of rolling out an offer i.e. to sign up for letter of intent to understand the seriousness and commitment level of the offered candidate. More importantly, employers have to step up with justifiable price for each role/position and must rightly compensate and reward the talent at the first place based on the potential pay bracket for each role and on their capability to pay as per the market standard instead of assessing the incumbent’s previous pay packet and negotiating on their expected pay rate accordingly.
    Build a trustworthy relationship and have a personal touch with the candidates from the very beginning stage untill the end of the cycle (I mean from the time a recruiter or any other representatives of the company initiating a recruitment call with the candidate) to avoid ambiguity which will lead to drive some emotional connect and to listen to his/her call of conscience which will eventually decline the offer dropouts and any last minute surprises for the hiring team/managers.

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