Story of grit and determination during lockdown! Never give up!!!

I am a big seafoodie. I find it very difficult to be away from seafood. I prefer fresh seafood, well that’s how I am wired. Lock down has played havoc with my seafood shopping, usually I like to go to the beach and get my quota of fresh catch from the boat.

At times I buy fish from a govt run fish stall based on the fresh fish availability and during lock down there is not much choice. Remember Chennai has an extended lockdown. Three days ago I discovered a govt run fish stall that was selling Fresh fish. I was so excited, but that did not last long, because that stall is 5 kms away from my house. Our lockdown rule, permits us to go and buy food or grocery within 2 kms radius of our residence. They sell fish only through their app and my location is not their service area.. Also they had a technical glitch! Second day, I called him again to check if there is any way he can help me out and deliver. I heard only NO. Third day, I called him again but the NO was in the same tone. My fighter instinct, especially when it comes for sea food, kicked in on that day. I located a friend of mine living closer to the stall and told her to buy the fish and keep it with her. Later I can Dunzo it. But, the app never worked for her so my shopping ended up in disappointment. You know I never give up for food. I called the person in charge, narrated my 3 day ordeal, convinced him that he has no choice but to help me buy fish. After some persuasion, he agreed to take the order over phone and accepted for GooglePay.
There comes my stock of fresh sear fish, crabs and more. My happiness knew no boundries when I saw the shining, fresh, blue sea crabs and the fresh sear fish. Believe me, it was worth all the trouble, when I saw them being cooked in my earthenware.

Are you a fighter or a loser? You don’t have to be aggressive but can be assertive! Find out various solutions to one goal. Few might work few might not, but never give up! We might lose few battles in life, but can win many more.

Life is all about not getting things easy, struggles are common, look at challenges as opportunity. Make your goals and determinations the focal point, chase them. Many of you see me post my food pictures, I don’t do it to show off. I love creating food, it’s my Passion, I want to encourage and motivate people who see my post to do something similar if they want to. I freely share recipes, I do not have secret ingredients or masalas. I believe that recipes are all over the internet, your hand and heart is special nobody can make a recipe like you can because your recipe comes from your hand and your heart. There can never be a comparison or competition for that.

My mom always use to say what is yours will always remain yours nobody can snatch it from you.💙

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