Staycation at Sheraton Grand, Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

Staycation at Sheraton Grand resorts and spa, Mahabalipuram, Chennai.

When my son and me decided we have to do something special to the most special person in our life. We started looking up places to a short getaway. Though we had some options we decided to go with Sheraton, as we had stayed in one of the Sheraton property at Batumi, Georgia and we liked the hospitality.

As I was working late on Saturday and requested them for a late check out since we were checking in late night. They gracefully obliged. I also requested them to do some decoration in the room to celebrate father’s day.

We reached the resort around 9pm. The check in was smooth and quick. The room was decorated with simple but cute “love U dad”.

Soon after checking in we decided to dine at Pelican, this is an open air restaurant that has some mind blowing food from around the world with live music, good spirits and excellent food and service the evening was absolutely memorable.

The brioche with white bean dip was mild sweet and set our mood for the rest of the evening.

Chefs tea ( Tomato consomme) blew us away with subtle flavour and mild warm temperature.

Brioche chicken coin’s is an inspiration from galouti kebab! The chicken is cooked with brandy and cognac on slow heat and got a mouth melting consistency.

The piadina al forna was so close in flavour to a pizza but pinned and cooked on a gridle the flavour was mild and nice.

The double lamb chops made using New Zealand was tender and succulent.

Baked rawas/ Indian salmon was a total delight for seafood lover like me. The fish was fresh and cooked with very mild herbs.

Fesenjan chicken is a Iranian dish made with walnut base it had a very subtle flavour and complimented the rice very well.

The finale was a amazing cocoa 64 made using the best Ghana chocolate.

The way to the deck in the mid night was even more exciting. We had a long night and enjoyed the sea view!

Offcourse after a long night it has to be a late morning. We literally had to pull ourselves off the bed.

The morning view from our sea facing room was absolutely stunning. After spending some time in the balcony we headed for the sunday breakfast. The Reef, the place were the breakfast was served was jam packed to happy people who were all taken care off by the efficient staff.

What I got to taste different there and I was looking for something healthy. I had the millet porridge with some ragi and curd was soothing for the hot summer.

The pancake made of millet and raw fig was a stunner.

We did not indulge too much at breakfast, since we knew we had the big father’s day brunch coming up.

In between our breakfast and brunch we decided to do a little tour around the place. Surabhi was more than happy to take us around the place.

We visited the recreation area where the boys played billiards, while I wondered around to see the children playing in a cute play area. It was well equipped with a staff to take care of the children.

Sheraton has a fully equipped gym and a serene spa.

Sunday brunch is very special at Sheraton, I am not a big fan of brunch personally, but this one was very special since it had many exotic and healthy dishes that are not available otherwise. They bring in something special every week. Chef Jagadeesh gets recipes from his home town and offers it to his guests. This time it was cotton seed milk. This is a old forgotten recipe he is trying to revive.

The desserts and chats are made my chefs who have come all the way from North India. They have a in-house Halwai! The best of mithai and chats can be found here.

A special mention to pintail the place where magic spirits are created. Kishore creates some magical cocktails and presents them in the most beautiful way!

His signature drink fortune of megenta stole my heart.

Pintail 280 is an awesome mix of Whiskey
Cranberry flavour,Peach,Fresh cold press of orange juice.

Chennai has too many options and we adr trying to make the best of it!!!

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