Authentic Coorg/ kodava food in Chennai, Really???


And this might be like  early morning dreams, those dreams that come true!

And you heard me right finally the authentic coorg food is now served in Chennai, at the comfort of the host’s home.

I had the privilege of tasting this food after many years. The last I had coorg food was when I visited coorg and did a home stay 12 years ago. I was longing for this food for many years and it was like someone heard my prayers.

I will start with the host who is a fantastic human being, multi talented and a very warm host.

The house is a perfect place for fun and good times. You can hear the waves of the ocean as you enjoy the food.

The authentic, humble and yummy Coorg cuisine is incomplete without the pandi curry (pork curry with special Coorg spices). This curry is best had with Kadumbuttu ( soft steamed rice dumplings)

The koli curry (chicken curry) blended very well with palputtu ( steamed rice cake sprinkled with grated coconut)

The dessert was the perfect finish for a  lovely dinner. Payasam made of khus khus, coconut and almonds cannot ask for anything more.

Smitha is hosting her first pop up lunch on 9th December at 1pm. To book you lunch, please


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