“Forbidden” not any more! Black rice pudding.

“Forbidden” not any more. I only use to look at this dish and think when I am going to cook it.

Thanks to Mr. NSK for introducing me to this forbidden ingredient. I loved it when I had it at Prems Graama Bhojanam.

Thank you to Sumita for looking at my blog and suggesting that I could buy this rice from Spirit of Earth.

I bought three varieties of rice and used two of them. Will share the black rice pudding recipe here:


1) I cup black rice, soaked overnight

2) 3 cups of water, including the water that was used to soak the rice.

3) 3 cups coconut milk

4) plan sugar/ Jaggery/ white sugar as per taste.

5) fresh mango and almond slivers (optional) to garnish.


1) Cook the black rice in cooker for 8-10 Whistles.

2) when the pressure is released open the cooker and check if the rice is cooked well.

3) If cooked well, mash it a little and add sugar/ Jaggery/ palm sugar and keep on low flame and keep stirring.

4) Add 2 cups of coconut milk and keep stirring till the rice and coconut milk blend well.

5) Remove from fire, leave to cool. Garnish with mango ( since I did not have mango I used gauva) pour some more coconut milk while serving.

This dish can be a breakfast or a dessert.

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