Tender Coconut Ice cream

My childhood dream when I first tasted the most awesome tender coconut ice cream at naturals, Mumbai. I would wonder how could someone make such delicious lip smacking ice cream. Not sure what took me so long to try my hands with making this absolute beauty.

My recipe, that was just like the Naturals ice cream.


1) 1 tin milk maid or mithaimate

2) 1 tin fresh cream, I use amul fresh cream

3) 1 tin fresh tender coconut pulp

4) 1 tin milk


Blend all the above ingredients in a blender/ mixer and leave it to freeze.

After 5 hrs blend it again in the blender/ mixer. Repeat the process 2-3 times.

Creamy yummy tender coconut ice cream ready to be served.

4 thoughts on “Tender Coconut Ice cream

  1. Hi Yogita, can you please mention the quatity of milk, cream and tender coconut pulp. One tin means?

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