Fusion Dinner -Spaghetti topped with fried tofu, peanut sauce and garnished with spring onions.

On a day when I have no clue what dinner is going to be, everything I have in my refrigerator becomes a fusion dinner.


Cooked spaghetti.


Boiled peanuts (since I did not have the roasted peanuts).

Garlic and dry red chillies paste.

Tamrind water

Palm sugar

Salt to taste

Peanut oil

Spring onions leaves for garnishing.


In a pan shallow fry the tofu and keep aside.

In a pan take some peanut oil sautee the garlic and chilli paste.

Add the tamrind water,  palm sugar and salt, add the ground peanut, bring to boil.

On a plate spread the cooked spaghetti, place the fried tofu on the spaghetti, pour the peanut sauce and garnish with spring onions.

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